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Rates. They affect everything from how much money you save to how much you pay to borrow. Whether you’re opening a savings account or financing a new home purchase, current interest rates are at the forefront of your mind. So with hundreds of thousands of banks, credit unions, lenders and other financial institutions in the U.S., how do you find the best interest rates available? was founded in order to help people sift through current interest rates on a variety of banking products and locate only the most competitive offers. Our rates table features interest rates from over 5,000 local, national and online banks and credit unions, allowing you to sort by product and/or location and view the best interest rates available to you — for free.

In addition to collecting the best bank rates, credit union rates, loan rates and more, we also feature daily articles and news written by industry experts to help you stay informed about the most important information and latest trends in personal finance. We cover a wide range of topics, like credit, debt, retirement and investing, to help you make more informed decisions regarding your finances and maximize the potential of your money.

What Types of Bank Rates Do We Collect?

We make it our mission to be the most comprehensive source of deposit and loan rates in the US. Our database includes an extensive catalog of the best bank rates and credit union rates for deposit accounts like:

Savings Account Rates: The foundation to any financial plan, savings accounts help you grow your money with a little added interest. We scour the nation for the best interest rates on savings accounts from national banks, online banks, smaller community banks and local credit unions.

Certificate of Deposit (CD) Rates: If you want to take your returns to the next level, a certificate of deposit (or CD) is the perfect account. The top interest rates today on 6-month, 12-month, 2-year and 5-year CDs are all available here.

Additionally, we regularly locate and feature the best bank rates on checking accounts, money market accounts (MMAs), credit cards, auto loans, home loans and more.

National Bank Rates Vs. Local Banks and Credit Unions

Our approach to the best bank rates is unique — Go Banking Rates is the only source for truly local rates. While there are plenty of advantages to banking with a large, national bank, more and more people like you are seeking out financial institutions and products that are close to home and offer what the big banks often can’t.

No matter what city you live in, we can point you to the best interest rates currently available — whether you’re looking to join the community credit union or become a customer of a national bank.

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