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3 CD Tips for Oklahoma City Homeowners

Renovate or slash your mortgage expenses with these three CD tips.

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Review: Nationwide CD Account Rates Let You Earn Almost 3X More

See how you can grow your savings faster with a certificate of deposit from Nationwide Bank.

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5 Tips for Boosting Your Savings With a CD in Houston

Here's why a CD with First Service Credit Union is the best investment for your money.

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Why You Should Move Your Virginia Beach Savings to a Chartway Share Certificate

Find out how Chartway’s competitive share certificate rates can boost your personal savings.

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4 Ways Fort Worth Small Business Owners Can Use EECU Business CDs

Find out how small business owners in Fort Worth, Texas, can grow their profits by investing their money in a business certificate of deposi...

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Online 12-Month CDs Give Fort Worth Depositors More Flexibility

Find out how you can benefit from an online high-yield CD with EECU in Fort Worth, Texas.

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5 Ways You Can Boost Your Savings in Denver

If you live in Denver, find out how you can easily cut costs to grow your savings account.

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Review: 5 Impressive Features of Synchrony Bank’s Savings Account

Find out if a Synchrony Bank high yield savings account is right for you.

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Manilla, LearnVest, Mint: Review of the Top Online Banking Tools

Get your finances on track with one of these popular budgeting tools.

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6 Savings Tips for Colorado Springs College Students With Debt

Learn how a savings account can help you pay for almost anything.

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How to Save Money on These 5 Fun Things to Do in Kansas City

Find out how you can spend less and play more in Kansas City.

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5 Tips to Negotiate a Great Price on a Car in Washington, DC

Find out how an auto loan from Signal Financial Federal Credit Union can help you drive away a winner.

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30 Biggest Dos and Don’ts When Buying a Car

Learn how to take the headache out of buying a new set of wheels. See our tips here >>

San Diego County Credit Union Review

Find out how low San Diego County Credit Union's auto loan rates are.

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5 Reasons to Use This Free Auto Buying Service in San Diego

Find out how easy shopping for a new or used car is with California Coast Credit Union's car buying service.

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5 Tips for Reducing Your Auto Loan Payment in Dallas

See how Air Force Federal Credit Union can keep your auto loan payment low in Dallas.

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5 Benefits of Refinancing Your Seattle Home With NW Plus CU

With rates poised to rise, find out how to use NW Plus CU to lock in savings now.

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3 Tips for Refinancing a Fannie Mae Mortgage Under HARP in Phoenix

Consider all of the HARP advantages offered by Arizona State Credit Union in Phoenix.

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Why Homeowners Are Paying Off Their Mortgages Before Student Loans

Even as mortgage delinquencies are down, more Americans have stopped paying student loans. See the reasons behind this unsettling trend.

Is It Cheaper to Build or Buy a House?

Is it really that ambitious to build your own home? See which option is most cost-effective >>

4 Tips to Cut Your Monthly Housing Costs

There's no place like home. And there's no feeling like saving money on one.
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Redwood Credit Union Review

Check out RCU's range of products and services to see if the large credit union meets all of your needs.

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Kinecta Federal Credit Union Review

Discover the credit union's innovative savings options and various financial products and services.

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Amarillo Community Federal Credit Union Review

Find out if this credit union is the right place for you to keep your money.

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Are Banks Open on Patriots’ Day?

Find out if Patriots' Day is a bank holiday, and if your bank will be open.

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The Real Reason Why Bank Fees Keep Going Up

Banks aren't the only ones to blame for increasing fees. Find out who's really responsible.

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This Is How Much Cash You Could Earn Using Your Debit Card in Dallas

Find out how you can earn Texas-size rewards with RBFCU's impressive program.

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Why Your Seattle Business Needs These 7 Free Checking Account Features

Find out how this checking account from NW Plus CU can make managing your business easier.

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5 Ways to Prepare for the 2016 Boston Marathon Using Your Checking Account

Find out how a checking account can help you save money for the Boston Marathon next year.

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How to Never Pay Another Checking Account Overdraft Fee Again

It's actually fairly easy to have overdraft fees reversed by your bank. Find out how you can do it.

What Is Chase QuickPay and How Do You Use It?

Does this peer-to-peer payment system live up to the hype? Discover its pros and cons.

How to Earn $125 by Opening a Checking Account in Fort Worth

Fort Worth Community Credit Unions is offering $125 to new checking account customers. See how to earn your cash bonus.

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4 Credit Card Tips for College Students in Los Angeles

Learn why Los Angeles Federal Credit Union's credit cards are perfect for college students.

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How to Perform a Credit Card Balance Transfer

High fees can ruin the benefits that come with a credit card balance transfer. See how you can avoid them.

5 Best Credit Cards for the Features You Want Most

We rate the right cards so you don't pick the wrong one — find the best credit card for you.

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