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Beth McKenna, Contributor

Beth McKenna is a writer specializing in investing and related topics, though she also occasionally delves into other topics of interest, such as clean energy and health and wellness. She has a BA (Lafayette College) and MBA (Rutgers University), and has previously worked in the risk management field in the financial services industry.

Articles by Beth McKenna

How Much Money Katy Perry and Jay Z Drop on Valentine’s Day Gifts

What if they had invested in the companies that produced the gifts instead?

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How to Profit Off Today’s Rising Interest Rates

Here's how you can make the interest rate market work for you.

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Vampire Electronics: Sucking Away Your Dollars

You’ll likely see kids outside dressed as vampires on Halloween. Did you know that you actually have vampires in your home? Not Dracul...

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Big Banks Targeted By Obama Happen to be Romney’s Top Contributors

Follow the money.

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3 Stock Market Superstitions That Indicate We’re Headed for a Crash

Do these signs spell impending doom for your stocks?

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Why is Warren Buffett Making Wells Fargo the Largest Berkshire Hathaway Holding?

What does he know that we don't?

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Companies Are Kicking Employees Out of Their 401(k)s and You Could be Next

Don't let it happen to you!

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Watch Out, Walmart — Apple’s Breaking Into Banking

You'll probably be paying by iPhone before you're paying with a Discover card.

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What to Do If You’re Fired: The Steve Jobs Route

Take heart: Even Steve Jobs has been unemployed.

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This Group of Investors Is Driving Up the Cost of Buying a Home

Institutional investors are impacting housing prices -- that doesn't mean they can be blamed for mortgage rates.

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