Casey Bond

Casey Bond, Content Director

Casey Bond is a seasoned personal finance writer and currently serves as the managing editor and voice for www.GoBankingRates.com. Her work regularly appears in a number of major national publications in addition to Go Banking Rates, including Business Insider, US News & World Report, and Yahoo! Finance. Casey can also be found on The Street, MSN, Huffington Post, Fox Business, LearnVest, Redbook, Style, and ABC News radio.

Articles by Casey Bond

5 Costs You Should Have in the Bank Before Renting an Apartment

Want to get out of your parents' house? Are you sure you can afford it?

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5 Ways Women Can Avoid Getting Ripped Off at the Car Dealership

Don't let stereotypes cost you.

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The Most Effective Budgeting Tip for Unmarried Couples

Splitting expenses doesn't have to end in splitting up.

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The 10 Weirdest Money Questions People Ask Google

How does one buy an island?

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4 Reasons Automating Your Finances Is Actually a Terrible Idea

Just say NO to automating your finances.

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Suze Orman Was Wrong: 4 Things You Really Can Afford

Here's why Suze Orman's advice is getting "denied!"

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We’ve Discovered the Secret to Wealth: Don’t Have Kids

What would happen if people only had children they could afford? We're starting to see.

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Summer Savings Video Challenge: Watch All the Entries Here

Check out all the great submissions to our Summer Savings Video Challenge.

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