Erica Sandberg

Erica Sandberg, Contributor

Erica Sandberg is the author of Expecting Money: The Essential Financial Plan for New and Growing Families, a columnist/reporter for CreditCards.com, and writer for the San Francisco Chronicle’s SFGate. Her articles and insight are featured in such publications as the Wall Street Journal, Redbook, MarketWatch, Forbes.com, and Smartmoney.com. Erica is the financial education director/co-host of the web program Change Starts at Home, and a frequent guest on ABC News, Forbes Video Network, Fox Business Network, Businessweek-TV, and National Business Report. Prior to freelancing, she was affiliated with Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco for over ten years.

Articles by Erica Sandberg

Video: What to Do if You’re About to Become Unemployed

Unemployment is a very real issue right now. If you’re concerned that layoffs at your job are eminent and your savings account won’t float you for long, take these steps to mitigate the damage: Make yourself indispensable: Make sure your employer knows how much you love working at your company, and show them what a...

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5 Desperate Measures Governments Take to Generate Money

Just like families and individuals, when the government is hard-up for cash, creative measures to scare some up are put on the table. Here are just five ways Uncle Sam is trying to save money and make ends meet right now.

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Internet Labor: 5 Reasons Why People Will Work for Next to Nothing

What is your value in the online marketplace and are you working for far less than you should? Many people earn income by performing web-based jobs, but often accept wages well below what their time and energy is truly worth–just check out the pay scale currently being offered for writing, blogging, information technology, customer care...

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Should Parents Help Their Kids Buy a House?

All parents want their kids to be happy, stable and reside in a safe place. For many, that means home ownership–but in this economy, achieving that goal can be mighty tough. Mortgage lenders are requiring a greater amount of cash down than they have in the recent past, and a lot of people just aren’t...

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Why Daily Deal Websites Like Groupon May Be a Bubble Waiting to Burst

Everyone appreciates a bargain. After all, there’s no sense overspending on something you want or need. And because of our universal desire for cool stuff on the cheap, the world of online daily deals has exploded. Companies like Groupon, Living Social and Offermatic have tapped into what retailers crave (people with cash to spend and...

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7 Ways to Save Money at the Airport

There are few places more money-sucking than the airport. I mean, you’re pretty much held hostage once you pass though the security gates unless you relish standing in another long line and getting intimate with the friendly TSA agent yet again. If you don’t plan ahead, you can easily drop $100 at the various restaurants,...

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Six Commonly Forgotten Expenses that Can Derail a Budget

Like most people, you probably sit down and at least attempt to draw up a budget each month. As you do, excitement might build while you list your expenditures and plug in the numbers. With those figures, it sure looks like you can finally pay down that debt and begin setting cash aside. But even...

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Rich Friend, Poor Friend – How to Teach Kids Financial Grace

Unless you live in a totally homogeneous compound, your child associates with kids from the wide spectrum of socio-economic backgrounds we have in this country. Certainly at my daughter’s elementary school, affluence, poverty and everything in between merge–and sometimes collide. While not a concern for preschoolers, it’s not long before children become aware of economic...

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Children and Charity: How to Help Kids Help Others

We all would like our children to be generous–and many are by nature. Then again, some aren’t, but it doesn’t mean they can’t learn the joy and value of giving. If there’s anything equally as important as saving money, it’s sharing it with others. Here are just a few ways to instill little ones with...

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What Your Sweetie Should Know Not to Get You for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day baffles many a partner hoping to give the perfect item. All too often they get it wrong and waste their money. So don’t just sit there and cringe or pretend that you like something; give a hint about what you do and do not appreciate so your significant other can save money on...

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