Stacey Bumpus

Stacey Bumpus, Contributor

Stacey Bumpus holds both her Bachelor and Masters degrees in Communications. After spending years in corporate communications, she discovered freelancing was really her cup of tea and fell in love with finding and writing about the latest financial news. Now, providing news and tips about banking, mortgages, taxes (and even logging her own efforts to save for retirement), she’s not only fulfilling her lifelong passion, but also helping others manage their finances responsibly.

Articles by Stacey Bumpus

How to Get Preapproved for an Auto Loan With Bad Credit

Don't let bad credit hold you back.

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CD Interest Rates Today: Crouse Federal Credit Union at 0.86% APY

Individuals looking for a great certificate of deposit deal should look no further than Crouse Federal Credit Union. The establishment has a long history of financial service in its community and takes pride in providing members with the best rates on all deposit accounts. Currently, members who open a 24-month certificate account with the credit...

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5 Mobile Apps That Cut Your Restaurant Bill in Half

Don't pay exorbitant funds to dine out.

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78% of NFL Players End Up Broke — These 6 Athletes Didn’t

Find out which players grew their savings in retirement.

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Savings Account Interest Rates Today: Biscayne Bank at 1.00% APY

Customers looking for ways to grow their hard-earned money should look no further than Biscayne Bank. By opening a simple savings account with the establishment, depositors can watch their savings soar. Currently, individuals who open a savings account with the bank can take advantage of a hard-to-beat 1.00% APY. There’s no doubt that Biscayne Bank...

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Why Chase Mobile Banking Users Are Probably Richer Than You

Taking advantage of banking technology improves your savings habits.

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CD Interest Rates Today: Pegasus Community Credit Union at 0.80% APY

Financial institutions around the country are offering deposit account rates that mirror each other. Unfortunately, those rates don’t have a recent history of being high enough to help consumers boost their savings. The good news is Pegasus Community Credit Union believes in taking a different approach to offering rates. Currently, members who take advantage of...

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How to Close Your CD Early Without Paying a Fee

Can you really get away with early CD withdrawals? Actually, yes.

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5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Certificates of Deposit

This deposit account has a lot more to offer than you might think.

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