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Stacey Bumpus, Contributor

Stacey Bumpus holds both her Bachelor and Masters degrees in Communications. After spending years in corporate communications, she discovered freelancing was really her cup of tea and fell in love with finding and writing about the latest financial news. Now, providing news and tips about banking, mortgages, taxes (and even logging her own efforts to save for retirement), she’s not only fulfilling her lifelong passion, but also helping others manage their finances responsibly.

Articles by Stacey Bumpus

4 Discounted Loans for First-Time Homebuyers in Salt lake City

Here are the best ways to save as a first-time homebuyer in Salt Lake City.

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3 Ways to Avoid Taking Money Out of Your San Francisco CD Account Too Early

Here are some great alternatives to consider if you need extra money.

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FAQ: IRS Penalties and Filing Taxes Late

Get answers to all your questions about IRS penalties for filing taxes late.

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How to Make the Best Choice When Buying a Car in Fort Lauderdale

Here are some of the best savings tips to consider when getting an auto loan.

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How You Can Save Money With These Fort Worth Car-Buying Tools

Find out how to save money on your next vehicle purchase by exploring these common car-buying tools.

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The 4 Craziest Ways People Have Legally Avoided Paying Taxes

From deductions that result from drunk driving to breast implants as write-offs, learn the wildest ways people have avoided paying taxes.

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Which Tax Receipts Should I Be Saving to File Taxes?

Business owners especially should pay attention to this list.

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How to Easily Save Money With Your Chicago Checking Account

Here's how to use your checking account to maximize your savings for the future.

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4 Tips for Your First Mortgage Refinance in Fort Lauderdale

Check out the best steps to help you successfully refinance your mortgage.

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The Best Auto Protection Package to Get With Your Dallas Auto Loan

Here are the top three auto protection plans you should consider.

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