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To ensure that your money is reaching its full potential in your chosen banking products, GOBankingRates offers banking tips that can help you achieve your financial goals quickly and confidently. The site’s bank rate search and comparison tools can help you easily find out if your accounts are competitive and if your money is growing as much as it could while it is in your checking and savings account.

Underutilized Banking Services

While many consumers take advantage of the most popular account features offered at their bank or credit union, they overlook or are unaware of other services that banks offer, such as:

1. Electronic fund transfers. If ever the situation arises that you need to transfer money quickly via an electronic fund transfer, your bank is a trusted source for conducting the transaction safely and securely.

2. Notary public services. Banks often have a convenient, in-house notary public available during business hours to help account holders who need official paperwork signed for items such as mortgage documentation or power-of-attorney certification. Certified checks or cashier checks. Large purchases or down payments on vehicles and homes often require a certified check from a verified bank. This type of check guarantees the funds and provides additional safety and protection for all parties during the large transaction.

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GOBankingRates has the resources you need to find financial success with your banking choices. The site’s articles and interviews with trusted financial professionals present the latest and most accurate information on market trends and advice on financial strategies. Find the banking tips and answers you need to save money and grow your savings.

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