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Radius Bank, formerly First Trade Union Bank, is an innovative, full-service bank serving clients nationwide. Radius Bank offers the product depth of a national brand, the online and mobile capabilities of a virtual bank and the personalized service that only a community bank can provide. With a commitment to delivering innovative banking products where and when you need them, Radius Bank allows you to bank whenever, wherever via mobile device. Visit www.radiusbank.com.

Customers can readily access traditional, personalized branch banking at Banking Centers located in Massachusetts and New York. First Trade is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and is an Equal Housing/Equal Opportunity Lender. For further information, visit the Bank

Radius Bank (FDIC certificate 32551) was established in 1987 and operates through 3 branch offices located in MA and NY. Mr. Michael A. Butler, President & CEO of Radius Bank, leads a team of 89 employees.

Radius Bank, headquartered in Boston, MA, is rated four stars for financial strength by BauerFinancial, Inc., the nation’s leading bank rating firm. As a general rule, a four star rating indicates, among other things, that this institution has at least 1½ times the capital that regulators require, is profitable (or operating with a very small loss) and has kept its delinquent loans in check.

Radius Bank is a savings association (thrift). With $778 million in total assets, the OCC classifies the bank’s asset concentration as "Commercial Lenders" which is defined as institutions whose commercial and industrial loans, plus real estate construction and development loans, plus loans secured by commercial real estate properties exceed 25 percent of total assets.

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Apr 06, 2016 by

It was very easy to open my account with them and they had no problem transferring a large amount into my account with them. But it's extremely difficult to withdrawal my money once I decided I no longer wanted to bank with them because they won't accept my trust as the beneficiary. I called them two days ago and the customer service rep told me I had to make my request through their online bank messaging system which I immediately did. A full 48 hours later, they haven't responded to my request so I called again and they told me the amount was too large so I had to transfer it electronically. The problem is, they limit electronic transfers to $5,000 per day so it'd take 52 business days to get my entire balance. I understand that they need to ask me personal questions to verify my identity when I withdrawal a large amount but they haven't even attempted to do this. I believe they just want to hang onto my money as long as they possibly can. I just finished filing a complaint with the Federal Reserve and BBB. Hopefully they can get my money back.

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