All You Need to Know About Interest Rates

Interest rates are influenced by multiple factors, including the economy, local or regional competition, and the type of financial institution. Because interest rates vary greatly, GOBankingRates studies the available rates for local, regional, national and global financial products to help you get the best interest rates possible. For example, credit unions members are actually considered stakeholders, so banking interest rates can be more beneficial than with major banks.

Interest Rates Studies and Tips

Knowing what rates are competitive in your area or for a specific financial product could help you dramatically increase you earning potential. We detail historical interest rate comparisons for cities across the country so you can understand current market fluctuations. You will then, for example, know when it’s a good time to take out a loan or invest in a certificate of deposit (CD).

GOBankingRates gives you interest rates guides and investment news, so you can choose the best financial products to improve your personal finances. Why bank with interest rates from limited information, when you can make the best choice thanks to leading industry experts?

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