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GOBankingRates helps connect you with the best interest rates, banks and credit unions in New York City, New York to help you find the best car loans and save money.
Car prices are rising, yet auto loan rates remain low, at least for the moment; in order to get behind the wheel, American borrowers are taking out larger loans today than ever before. To help car buyers take advantage of the lowest auto loan rates today from local banks and credit unions, GOBankingRates released a list of the best rates in New York City. “Although rates on some loans, like mortgages, are increasing, auto loan rates are still relatively low and affordable,” said Amanda Garcia, reporter for GOBankingRates. “GOBankingRates consistently finds auto loan rates below 3% at many community banks and credit unions.” To provide borrowers benchmarks for comparison shopping, GOBankingRates also surveyed the average auto loan rates on the city, state and national levels.
New York City New York National
3-Year Auto Loan 2.81% APR 4.02% APR 3.26% APR
4-Year Auto Loan 3.25% APR 3.27% APR 4.01% APR
5-Year Auto Loan 2.42% APR 3.56% APR 3.58% APR
  • No. 1- Greater Metro Federal Credit Union’s 3-Year Auto Loan: 2.19% APR
  • No. 2- Bank of America‘s 5-Year Auto Loan: 2.34% APR
  • No. 3- Municipal Credit Union’s 5-Year Auto Loan: 2.45% APR
  • No. 4- PNC’s 3-Year Auto Loan: 2.54% APR
  • No. 5- USAlliance Federal Credit Union‘s 3-Year Auto Loan: 2.74% APR
  • No. 6- Chase’s 4-Year Auto Loan: 2.83% APR
  • No. 7- Wells Fargo‘s 4-Year Auto Loan: 3.24% APR

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