Overview of Best CD Rates: Sept. 23, 2013

Posted in CD Rates • September 23, 2013

As we head into the last full week of September, CD rates across several terms remain relatively unchanged. Credit unions continue to stand out as the clear winner when it comes to average CD rates, as these financial not-for-profits offer significantly higher interest rates than traditional banks.

CD Rate Averages as of 9/23/13

Product National Banks Credit Unions
6-Month CD 0.19% APY 0.17% APY 0.28% APY
12-Month CD 0.30% APY 0.27% APY 0.42% APY
24-Month CD 0.46% APY 0.43% APY 0.62% APY

average cd rates 9-23

10 Best CD Rates in the United States

There are a number of U.S. financial institutions that manage to offer CD rates greater than 1% APY, including one short-term, six-month CD account and a couple of year-long deposit terms in the top ten. In fact, Hanscom Federal Credit Union offers a moderate-term, 12-month CD account that’s twice as high as some of the certificates of deposit that are twice as long, at 3.00% APY.

Institution State Term APY
Hanscom Federal Credit Union MA 12-Month CD 3.00% APY
America’s Credit Union WA 12-Month CD 1.51% APY
Montauk Credit Union NY 24-Month CD 1.50% APY
Kauai Community Federal Credit Union HI 24-Month CD 1.40% APY
Service Credit Union MA 6-Month CD 1.35% APY
AmeriCU Credit Union NY 24-Month CD 1.35% APY
Idaho Central Federal Credit Union ID 24-Month CD 1.31% APY
Navigator Credit Union MS 24-Month CD 1.30% APY
American Airlines Federal Credit Union NC 24-Month CD 1.26% APY
Regal Bank NJ 24-Month CD 1.26% APY

Sources: GoBankingRates.com and Informa Research Services, Inc. (www.informars.com). Although the information has been obtained from the various financial institutions, the accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

All interest rates are accurate as of the publish date. Rates are subject to change at any time at the discretion of individual financial institutions. Additional terms and restrictions could apply.

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Best CD Rates

Featured Rate (APY)
5 Year CD
15 Month CD
3 Year CD
Best Rate (APY)
Kauai Government Employees Credit Union
1 Year CD
Triboro Postal Credit Union
1 Year CD
Lufthansa Employee Federal Credit Union
2 Year CD
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