What is a black card? Black cards are the most exclusive credit cards on the market, and these rare credit cards are in the pockets of some of the wealthiest citizens around the world. See eight black cards available today and find out if you meet the black card requirements.


1. Eurasian Bank Diamond Card

Featuring a 0.02-carat diamond surrounded by a golden heart design, the Eurasian Bank Diamond Card is a sign of wealth and elegance through and through. The black card requirements for this exclusive credit card is you have to be a member of the Eurasian bank in Kazakhstan, and you also have to have $300,000 or more in your bank account.


2. The Visa Signature Card

Visa’s true top of the line card is the Visa Signature Card, which features some pretty amazing perks like no preset spending limits; access to special sporting events and concert tickets; VIP access to entertainment venues like Broadway shows and musicals; travel accommodations at spas, hotels and with airlines; and special dining experiences.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Review

3. The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

For those who look for exclusivity but prefer not to bank with Visa or Amex, Chase is offering their exclusive Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. The Preferred Card is aimed at households in the United States earning at least $120,000 per year. One of the greatest perks of the card is no preset spending limit, and a strong rewards program for members. Other notable differences from other black card offerings include: Identity protection; a small $95 per year fee; enhanced travel rewards redemption points; rental insurance; travel protection insurance; emergency travel assistance and extended warranty protection for up to one year.


4. The Black Brazilian MasterCard from the Santander Group

The Santander Group in Brazil offers the unlimited Brazilian Black MasterCard, which is only issued to members of its private bank with a certain undisclosed amount of funds in their accounts. Currently, it is one of the hottest cards in Latin America with only about 3,000 cards in circulation. Perks of the card include airport lounge access anywhere in the world, private jet discounts, a 24-hour concierge service and an annual fee of $349.


5. The Black Chairman Card from Citigroup

The Citigroup Chairman MasterCard is exclusively for elite cardholders who can afford a $500 annual fee and are currently private, wealthy clients of Smith Barney or Citi Bank. You will have access to the usual perks such as concierge, airport lounge access and various travel accommodations. The biggest perk is the $300,000 credit limit available to the five percent of the U.S. population who are lucky enough to own one.


6. The Black Bull Card from Merrill Lynch

With a spending limit of $250,000, the Merrill Lynch Black Card is known for free flight hours on Marquis Jets for cardholders. The card is limited to five percent of U.S. residents and offers the usual bells and whistles associated with black cards. The Black Card requirements for this card depends on your credit information and other personal finance information such as assets.


7. The NatWest Black MasterCard

The NatWest Black MasterCard offers an outrageous $1,500,000 spending limit and a Priority Pass to all airport lounges. Annual fees are also a bargain at $395 compared to other black cards. You’ll also have the usual black card perks such as 24-hour concierge services and various discounts and accommodations while traveling.


8. The Stratus Rewards Visa Black Card

Aimed at competing directly with the Centurion Card, the Stratus Rewards Visa Black Card (but white in color), is also aimed at the wealthiest people in the country and is exclusive to the top five percent (edit: this card is no longer available). You can only qualify for a card after being nominated by a current member though annual fees can be high at $1,500. The exclusive card features all the usual black card perks as well as luxury gifts.

Owning a black card is a symbol of status, but it can also be unique and helpful provided you actually use the perks.

Do you own one of these exclusive black cards on the market today?

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  • Endre Vasvari

    It is really amazing!!!
    Has that Kazakhstan diamond card gets free lunch in Diamond Jim’s Club at Tropicana hotels in the US?
    Because my diamond card by Tropicana does.

  • John E. Wurl

    Gee, which one do I choose, which one do I choose?

  • Anonymous


  • Al Walsh

    When will my diamond encrusted nlack card arrive from bank of nigeris

  • http://GoBankingRates.com reesy

    Don’t worry life is short! The black card and your 100 million dollar winning lottery ticket will arrive the day after you die. Oh but sorry, it cant be left to survivors. You are not that lucky or you would already be rich! That’s o.k. you couldn’t take it with you anyway.
    Que sera, sera what will be will be! As Doris Day used to sing for us. We will sort it all out when we get to the other side at that great reunion in the sky!

  • Wang

    These cards are for people who can’t feel good about themselves unless they have something their neighbors don’t have or they don’t stand out in any way so they have to have a card do their talking..

  • http://aol Luis Hernandez

    I own one of every card listed..I shit gold!

  • Eddie K

    Damn! Forget the cards, I’d rather have some of Luis’ golden shit, it’s probably worth more!!

  • Mohammed Iqbal

    I’ll be honest with all who read this, I have a Amex Centurion Card and Im based in London but truly It’s not something to be proud of or to flash around, I am sat here thinking why would I need one when I have a shit-hot credit rating, My net worth…well lets say it enough and I have my own lovely and dependable PA, One thing I have been impressed with the service was when I had to order a watch for my wife but I could not choose so I accessed my personal shopper via email and she helped me out within the hour with different products also outlining other potential gifts to go with the watch but otherwise that is the only time I have used the features. Its not Elite status Its plastic money, like I say to my employees unless I see it (cash) don’t talk

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  • Meridien LaConfabulis

    Holy Crap! I’ve got each one of these, I’m richer than God, and I own the Moon. I am in the top .001% of the American population. As a matter of fact, I think I actually own the world.Bwahahaha!

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