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Wikileaks Supporters Take Down Mastercard: Economic Impact of Hackers and Cyber Attacks

Image:¬†fieldsy.org via Flickr The controversy revolving around international media site Wikileaks is escalating quickly as supporters sent a shot across the bow to Mastercard, successfully taking down the credit card company’s website. The cyber attack was a direct retaliation of the credit card company refusing to process donations to Wikileaks. However, Mastercard isn’t alone. The...

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MasterCard Offers MoneySend Option for iPhone and iPad

MasterCard is making available a unique spin on its usual credit card offers. MasterCard MoneySend(TM) is offering a way for customers to send money to others through their iPhones and iPads as a free app download. By working with a participating bank or opening a virtual prepaid account, customers could “send,” “pay” or “request funds”...

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The History of MasterCard

In the mid 1950s banks began to issue credit cards. Then MasterCard was called Master Charge and was created as a joint venture between several banks.

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