Which ‘Friends’ Character Matches Your Financial Personality?

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Considering the show Friends –which celebrates its 10-year anniversary this month — followed the same six characters for a decade, it’s no wonder you may have an above-normal attachment and connection with these unique personalities. Perhaps you’ve even imagined yourself as a Monica or Chandler within your own group of friends. But have you ever considered whether your banking knowledge and financial lifestyle matched theirs as well?

Which Friends Character Do Your Money Management Skills Most Resemble?

To help you figure out which Friends character mimics your money management skills the most, we’ve listed certain qualities and traits that explain their financial behavior throughout all 10 seasons of the show. See where your profile and bank account falls to figure out whether you can afford a beautiful wedding like the Bings, or if you may have to play guitar for quarters at Central Perk like Phoebe instead.

Monica Geller

Monica GellerIf you are career-oriented and a conservative spender, chances are your money management skills look a lot like Monica Geller‘s. Throughout the Friends TV show, Monica’s goal was to become a highly successful chef in New York and manage a restaurant of her own, which means she had to grow her savings steadily throughout the years.

As a potential small business owner, perhaps you’ve also had to sacrifice a large checking account or numerous expenditures like Monica in favor of a personal loan with a low interest rate. Remember when she tried on the wedding dress of her dreams at an expensive boutique, only to charge through the door of a department store which had the same dress on sale? As a highly competitive and organized person, Monica was the ultimate bargain-hunter who would look at several spending options before making a final financial decision.

Rachel Green

rachel greenA fashion enthusiast who became financially independent from her parents in the first episode of the series, Rachel Green had memorable struggles with money throughout the Friends TV show. If you’ve had to cut up several credit cards and return loads of shopping bags after indulging in retail therapy, then you and Rachel have a lot in common, financially. Yet, you are also taking the first steps toward become a financially stable individual as you slowly begin paying off your debts and improving your money management skills.

Eventually landing a job with Ralph Lauren, Rachel became a successful career woman and single mother for a time, proving that she could mature both emotionally and financially. If you can create a budget and financial plan — and most importantly, stick with it — your personal banking journey can look a lot like Rachel’s.

Joey Tribbiani

Joey TribbianiAs a struggling actor and die-hard food lover, Joey was the quintessential spendthrift on Friends. If you’ve ever struggled with hanging out with rich friends who have more money than you, then your bank account and money management skills probably resembles Joey Tribbiani’s.

Though you might have a friend like Chandler Bing to pick up the tab on some of your bills, steering clear of unnecessary and expensive purchases like massage chairs, and becoming more financially literate will ultimately boost your savings account.

Chandler Bing

Chandler BingOne of the great mysteries of Friends is that no one knows what exactly Chandler does for a living. Yet, when he and Monica prepare to get married, it’s discovered he has enough in his savings to throw the most lavish wedding Monica could wish for. However, his large savings account is reserved for their future children, and allows them to eventually move out of the city and into the suburbs to raise their family.

Having a large amount of savings not only gives you financial options when starting a family, it can also help you qualify for the best mortgage rates available, as well as receive the highest returns on certificate of deposits.

Phoebe Buffay

phoebe buffayA sweet but somewhat flaky individual, Phoebe Buffay is an eccentric masseuse and musician who was homeless at age 14. Though she has many ditsy moments throughout the series, she is also very street-smart and has a steady stream of jobs as a massage therapist, giving her somewhat of an entrepreneurial financial spirit. Throughout many episodes of the Friends TV show, Phoebe’s lack of materialism was also a trait that allowed her to live comfortably and easily on very little income.

If you possess a similar bohemian lifestyle and set of values like Phoebe’s, your money management skills may not be at the top of your self-improvement list. However, this same financial attitude allowed Phoebe as a musical artist to play acoustic-guitar hits like “Smelly Cat” at Central Perk more often for the love of music than for actual spare change.

Ross Geller

ross gellerIf you’re smart academically but have a tendency to get swindled by others, then you and Ross have a lot in common in terms of money management. While Ross probably receives the largest regular paycheck compared to the rest of the gang on the Friends TV show thanks to a professorship in paleontology, he also has child support payments and three marriages under his belt.

Though your finances may occasionally take a hit from a few lavish expenditures like a pair of leather pants, for the most part you are an average spender and saver with a family to support who takes your personal banking very seriously. Maintaining a financial budget while steadily growing your retirement savings account will put you, and your family, at financial ease later in life.

While fans will clamor for a revival of the show for years to come, reminiscing about memorable moments and plotlines from your favorite Friends characters and comparing your financial prowess to the Friends TV Show members may have to hold you over for now.

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