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GOBankingRates is not only a critical consumer resource for current financial news, personal finance tips and expert money analysis, but the site also hosts a myriad of contests for the active community of readers. You can participate in GBR contests by submitting original work, entering random drawings or participating in general poll contests. These contests help the GOBankingRates community engage with each other and help you get more of the content that you love. Reader Contests GOBankingRates’ active community of financially savvy consumers has participated in a wide variety of contests, from submitting written essays on their personal finance experiences to general preference votes on current financial trends and even creative video contests. The “Summer Savings Video Challenge” should not be missed for its good advice or belly laugh inducing humor. Participants were certainly creatively encouraged by the dangling carrot of a $1,000 prize for the winning video. Watch all of the entries to see if your favorite video won. Past readers have also enjoyed Black Friday contests with an American Express gift card prize and personal finance book giveaways. Financial Trend Contests GOBankingRates wants to know your opinion! The site has hosted multiple contests with topics such as: Who is your favorite financial guru, Dave Ramsey or Suze Orman? What is your favorite radio show or financial podcast of 2015? Check back daily for new and ongoing contests, current financial news updates and unbiased advice from the community of GOBankingRates’ expert contributors.

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