What Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie Says About Your Banking Skills

Girl Scout CookiesIt’s that season again: When adorable young Brownies, Juniors or Cadettes stop everyone they see to ask, “Would you like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies?” It’s hard to resist those young faces, especially when the goods they peddle are so famously delicious — and available for a limited time only.

Which cookies have you been dreaming of? Here’s the information you need to hunt down and buy the nearest box of Samoas, Thin Mints, or Peanut Butter Patties. Plus, with an in-depth look into the psyches of the Girls Scout cookies fans, we uncover what your cookie of choice says about your banking habits and current financial situation.

The Girls Scout Cookies 2013 Program

The Girl Scout Cookies’ 2014 sale season has already begun, and fans of all types of Girl Scout Cookies will want to snag the boxes while they can, or even stock up.

The Most Popular Types of Girl Scout Cookies

types of girl scout cookies

The Girl Scouts took a survey to find out which were the most popular types of Girls Scout Cookies in 2013. Samoas (or are they Caramel deLites?) took the title of most popular cookie, while Thin Mints were a close second, followed by Peanut Butter Patties (Tagalongs). Love for the other varieties was spread pretty evenly.

How much do Girl Scout Cookies cost? Prices are set by local Girl Scout councils, so they may vary from region to region, but typically a box of cookies will cost around $3.50. Fans of the cookies might not be aware of the benefits the Girl Scouts of America program; according to GirlScouts.org, 70 percent of proceeds from cookie sales stay with the local Girl Scout council, and funds activities and programs enjoyed by the Girl Scout troops who sold the cookies.

It also teaches real-world banking and money management skills that help Girl Scouts prepare to be financially responsible and successful later in life.

What Your Taste In Girl Scout Cookies Says About Your Banking Habits

But what about the fans of Girl Scout Cookies? What do our favorite types of Girl Scout Cookies say about our banking and spending habits? Find your favorite cookie below to see what your taste in cookies reveals about your money management style, and how you can use this financial mindset to your advantage.

Mango Cremes

Money Motto: “Always willing to spend on what’s on-trend.”

As your love for one of the newest types of Girl Scout Cookies shows, you love having the latest and greatest and are prone to impulse buys. The good news for you is that smart personal finance has become all the rage since the recession. So start learning more about money management and you’ll have tons of new knowledge to show off.

And to curb shopping sprees, consider making a rule to wait a couple of days before making a big purchase, and avoid malls or big box stores altogether when you don’t have the extra cash to burn.


Girl scout cookies 2013 lemonadesMoney Motto: “Balanced checkbook, balanced life.”

Like your favorite cookie that perfectly blends sweet with sour, you take a balanced approach to your finances. You’re a fan of the 50/30/20 budget, and while you don’t track and pinch every penny, you make sure your finances are on the right track. This allows you to be flexible with your money and treat yourself here and there, while still setting up the long-term security that you care about.

Image: HotLatinMonkey

Do-si-dos or Peanut Butter Sandwich

peanut butter sandwich do-si-dosMoney Motto: “Dream big and find the money to fund those dreams.”

You are willing to spend for the experiences you want and are focused on getting the most out of life. You’re a big dreamer, but you make your money work for you. You figure out what you really want and then find a way to pay for it. Just don’t forget to also save for tomorrow; retirement might feel like it’s centuries away, but it’ll be here before you know it.

Image: Stephen_Bolen

Thank U Berry Much

how much do girl scout cookies cost - thank u berry muchMoney Motto: “Mo’ money, mo’ problems.”

You can’t seem to hang onto money very long, and when you do get a windfall it only seems to make your money problems more complicated. You’ve probably had to ask others for help in the past to get out of a tight financial spot, or may have even taken out a high-interest loan or racked up credit card charges.

Do yourself a favor: Try asking one of your money-smart family members or friends for some financial advice now, instead of for money later. You could also check with your local credit union or bank, as many offer free professional financial help or classes.

Image: PirateJohnny


Money Motto: “Money buys peace of mind.”

This simple cookie combines shortbread and rich fudge into a great comfort food — and comfort and stability is what your money management style is all about. You are much more sensitive to a low bank account balance than others, and like to have a wide buffer to guarantee your peace of mind.

When you do spend its on things that make your life easier and home more comfortable, and you carefully consider and research all purchases. But don’t blindly save money at the exclusion of other smart money moves, such as opening an online savings account or taking advantage of historically low loan rates.

Dulce De Leche

dulce de leche cookiesMoney Motto: “Too busy having fun to worry about finances.”

You’re a bit haphazard about your spending, and are only vaguely aware of how much is currently in your bank account. Your carefree attitude means you might overdraft here or there, but you’ve simply got other things that you care about more — like your social life.

It doesn’t bother you too much, because you don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s just part of the price you have to pay to be the life of the party! But if you want to get in better financial shape, find ways to make budgeting and saving money fun, such as a friendly competition in your social group or a reward system.

Image: PirateJohnny

Savannah Smiles

Money Motto: “Giving is better than receiving.”

You have a big heart — but it can sometimes get you in trouble. You’re a people-pleaser and you’re generous with your money, whether it’s with friends, family or yourself. You just can’t resist seeing the smile on someone’s face! Make sure you put your financial needs first, however, to make sure your generosity now won’t cause you money problems down the line. Create a budget so you know how much you can actually afford to help those around you.

Trefoils or Shortbread

trefoils shortbread cookiesMoney Motto: “Frugal now, wealthy for life.”

Like this plain shortbread cookie, you take a smart and no-nonsense approach to your finances. You love to save and have quite the nest egg started, and you don’t have just a monthly budget — you have a full 10-year plan to reach your financial goals. You’re always on the search for bargains, and ways to cut costs. But when you save money now, it’s because you have a clear outcome you’re working towards, whether it’s this year’s vacation or retiring in a couple of decades.

Image: Amayzun

Peanut Butter Patties or Tagalongs

Money Motto: “Forget ‘spend less’ — focus on earning more.”

You’re practical with the money you have, but most of the time you are focused more on the money you’ll be making next! Instead of “spend less,” your motto is “earn more money,” and you aren’t afraid to take some risks if you think it will pay off. You have the potential to be a great entrepreneur or investing wizard. Just make sure to balance risks with sure things, and don’t get overconfident in your own knowledge too soon.

Image: kmontano

Samoas or Caramel deLites

samoas caramel delitesMoney Motto: “Money earned is money to be enjoyed.”

You like the finer things in life and aren’t afraid to spend a little more to get exactly what you want. You might be living paycheck-to-paycheck, because you feel that you work hard and deserve to enjoy the money you earn — by spending it! You should probably avoid credit cards, as they make it too easy to overspend, and build up a bit of an emergency fund to cover unexpected costs that could come up.

Image: JenSteele

Thin mints

thin mints cookiesMoney Motto: “Enjoy life now, save for later.”

Fans of Thin Mints go crazy every year for these minty patties, and are even known to stock their freezers with their favorite treats. This reflects their approach to finances, too. Generally, you tend to go with the flow, not worrying too much about your spending habits but paying close enough attention to avoid major problems. You like to enjoy what you have, but like the Thin Mints in your freezer, you also have enough in your savings account to last you should things get rough.

Image: Drh

Whichever Girl Scout Cookie is your favorite to munch on, it could be a sign of how you choose to manage your money. Whatever the state of your bank account, periodically taking the time to reconsider your finance style and banking habits can always help you stay on track, and figure out how to minimize your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths.

Article image: Altopower

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