All You Need to Know About Personal Finance Credit Identity Theft

The 4 Ways Fraudsters Get Your Credit Card Info

Has your sensitive information fallen into the wrong hands? It's entirely possible.
Make sure you're not making these four stupid mistakes.

7 Most Devastating Data Breaches of 2014

2014 was an unusually bad year for identity breaches; we looked at the seven worst cases of retailers getting hacked this year. Did you shop...

8 Identity Theft Myths You Should Ignore

There are many common myths that keep consumers from properly protecting themselves against identity theft. It's time to bust those myths an...

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President Obama’s Credit Card Declined Over Suspected Fraud

Even the POTUS is affected by credit card fraud.

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Obama Utility Bills Scam Impacts Thousands of Victims

Thousands of consumers burned by utility bill scam.

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Internet Search Engines Surpass E-Mail in Online Scam Threats

Online identity theft doesn't stop at your inbox.

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Parents Armed with Child Identity Theft Protection

Parents can act as warden to their child's credit.

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Visa Credit Card Processor Hacked with 1.5 Million Affected

Visa told banks that cards were exposed between January 21 and February 25.

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