All You Need to Know About Credit Card Debt

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Here’s Why It’s So Hard to Get Out of Debt

Getting into debt is easy, but getting out doesn't have to be.

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Visa Hosts Financial Literacy Summit Yet Profits Off Debt

Financial literacy + VISA = A contradiction in terms?

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One Upside to the Recession: Huge Decline in Credit Card Debt

U.S. credit card debt has dropped sharply around the country as consumers make a greater effort to spend cautiously and pay off balances, ac...

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Women and Debt: Ditch the Credit Card to Start Saving for Retirement

For many of us, credit card debt can be an overwhelming source of financial stress. It can be difficult to keep up with minimum payments eac...

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Current Statistics about Credit Card Debt

In Women and Debt: Ditch the Credit Card to Start Saving for Retirement, Jenny Kerr of TheJennyPincher.com explains that women face unique c...

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Consumers Choose to Pay Credit Card Debt over Mortgage Loans

Mortgage payments are taking a back seat to credit card debt according to a new report released by TransUnion this week. The report found 7....

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National Credit Card Debt Drops, Though Some Cities See Huge Increases

While the national average for credit card debt dropped 4 percent at the end of 2010 compared with the previous year, some cities experience...

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Out of Debt, but Not Out of the Woods

Feeling relieved after finally settling your credit card debt? Fantastic–but you’re not in the clear yet. It turns out, accordin...

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