All You Need to Know About IRS Tax Debt

Don’t Let a Relative’s Financial Irresponsibility Ruin Your Inheritance

Can your inheritance withstand your relative's unruly debt? Read more to find out.

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Is Taking Out Loans to Pay Off the IRS a Good Idea?

Having tax debt is a major problem for a lot of taxpaying Americans, especially those who are self-employed or own their own business. The I...

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Debt: Wage Garnishing at the Federal Level

Owing money is no joke, as anyone who has had his or her wages garnished can tell you. What is wage garnishment? If one of your creditors ob...

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Debt: Wage Garnishing at the State Level

Nobody wants to have part of their earnings taken away every week to pay off old debts. But if you’re not willing to set aside money y...

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