All you need to Know About Personal Finance Tax Deductions

2014 Was the Last Year You Could Claim These Expiring Tax Benefits

Unless Congress extends these expiring tax benefits by January, you won't be able to claim them on your 2014 return. Find out what you could...

8 Commonly Missed Tax Deductions

These often overlooked write offs are worth the time to find out if you qualify to claim them.

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2012 Is the Last Year to Claim These 5 Tax Write Offs

Don't count on these tax write offs next year.

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IRS Joins the Fight Against Breast Cancer with Tax Write-Offs for Patients

Continuing advances in breast cancer treatment may be improving the odds of survival for many cancer patients, but this advanced technology ...

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The Strangest Taxes and Deductions by U.S. State

The United States, despite its own quirks and complications, can sometimes seem pretty normal in comparison to the things that go on in othe...

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What Are Itemized Deductions?

Everyone who files taxes has to face the decision of whether to choose standard or itemized deductions. There are benefits to taking either ...

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Tax Overhaul Could Jeopardize Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction

Overhauling the tax code is on the minds of lawmakers now that the Bush Tax cuts are set to expire, but while some adjustments are applauded...

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