All you need to Know About Personal Finance Tax Returns

How to Defend Yourself During a Tax Audit

What will an IRS agent expect you to have on hand?

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One in Five Americans Know Where Their Income Tax Dollars Go

Do you know where 100 percent of your tax money goes?

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Skipping These Taxable Income Sources Could Get You Audited

It's tempting to leave money off your income tax return, but doing so could land you in hot water.

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Q&A: Can I Claim My Girlfriend as a Dependent on My Taxes or Is Saving Money on My Return Impossible?

Find out if they money you spent on your lady friend can be recouped.

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President Obama’s 2011 Tax Return Dodges the Buffett Rule

The Buffett Rule doesn't apply to the President.

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No Returns Left Unfinished With CompleteTax

CompleteTax is popular online tax preparation software that walks taxpayers through the steps necessary to file both federal and state incom...

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