The 10 Weirdest Money Questions People Ask Google

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The Web can be an incredible tool for finding the answers to tough questions in a matter of seconds — including questions about finance. From saving money, to investing, to earning more income, people search and find great information from the plethora of resources available every day.

However, the internet can also be a place for finding very strange content — and even stranger people. If you’ve ever begun typing a search into Google, for example, you might have noticed some really odd suggestions pop up to complete the query. Those suggestions, which are part of what’s known as Google’s autocomplete feature, are based on common searches performed by others.

So when you start typing “what is a…” and “what is a hipster” drops down as one of the suggested options, it’s because a lot of people — like you — really want to know. But there are also quite a few autocomplete options for personal finance questions, too, and not all of them seem as obvious. Below are the 10 strangest suggested searches about personal finance we came across on Google; read on for a few laughs, or to find comfort in knowing you’re not the only person who has wondered the same thing.

Top 10 Strangest Google Autocomplete Questions About Finance

1. Is it illegal to spend fake money? Yes, even if you “didn’t know” it was counterfeit.

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2. Can I buy life insurance on my ex husband? Now why would you want to do that?

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3. Do hundred dollar bills smell like maple? Does paste taste like Pop-Tarts?

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4. How to steal money from a vending machine? Seriously? Just get a job already.

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5. Why am I poor and dumb? It could be because you turn to Google for all of life’s questions.

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