Kids Savings Account Deal of the Day: Airbanking at 4.00% APY

Posted in Savings Account • January 3, 2013

airbankingIt’s not every day that banking customers run across a savings account rate that isn’t resting near zero, especially when searching for an account that is right for their kids. This is what makes Airbanking an exception to what seems to be a rule.

While many financial institutions are sticking with rates that mirror low industry standards, the establishment is offering a fantastic 4.00% APY on a children’s savings account. This is an amazing deal for individuals who are excited about teaching their kids how to save.

Savings Account Terms and Conditions

It’s nearly impossible to find a savings account rate as high as the one offered by Airbanking. So how can a customer take advantage of this great rate?

The rate is currently offered with the bank’s Junior Savings account, which is a wonderful way to help kids learn how to save money. The account requires depositors to open with a minimum of $5 and is only available to children up to age 18. Balances of $1,000 and above receive a 0.50% APY.

About Airbanking

Airbanking is an online method to manage banking. Unlike many financial establishments, Airbanking does not have physical branch locations and is instead located entirely on the web with additional access available via phone.

Along with savings account options, Airbanking provides its customers with checking accounts, a Visa credit card and mortgage loan options. Though the institution is located online, customers don’t have to worry about the financial security of their deposits. Like other banks and credit unions, Airbanking is a Member FDIC institution, which means deposits are federally insured for up to $250,000.

Other Terms and Conditions may apply. Additionally, interest rates are based on the institution’s online published rates and may have changed since this offer was posted. Please contact the financial institution for the most recent rate updates and to review the terms of the offer.

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