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Guide to Health Savings Accounts

Now that you have to have health insurance, here's how to save for it.

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Types of Flexible Spending Accounts

A flexible spending account (FSA) is an employee benefit program that allows the beneficiary to set aside part of their earnings, tax-free, into an account specifically designed to pay for health or dependent care costs. The point of an FSA is to save the employee money on such expenses by eliminating a portion of the...

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Flexible Spending Account: Use It or Lose It

Flexible Spending Accounts can save you a large amount of money. If you pay a lot in medical expenses every year that aren’t covered by your insurance, or if you must pay to have a dependent cared for, a health FSA or dependent care FSA may be worth considering. However, just as an FSA can...

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Flex Your Financial Muscle With a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

With your new child, you’ll be taking on new responsibilities – and new expenses. One way Uncle Sam can help you meet those new expenses is through your tax-free employer-sponsored flexible spending account. Many employers offer this benefit, also sometimes called a reimbursement account, for medical or child care expenses. A dependent-care flexible spending account...

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Flexible Health Spending Account-Tax Breaks

Healthcare flex accounts will allow you to take advantage of tax breaks because the money put into healthcare flex accounts are pretaxed.

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