Most Read Money Market Savings Account Articles

Credit Union Money Market Rates Pay 1.1X More Than Banks

Though credit unions offer higher money market rates on average, banks actually top our list with the best rates in the country.

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The Difference Between a Money Market Savings Account and Fund

What you don't know about money market accounts.

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AmTrust Direct Money Market: Easy Access to High Yields

Find out why a money market account from AmTrust Direct will give you the most access to your money -- and the highest yields.

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Banking 101: What Is a Money Market Account?

A higher interest rate and flexible terms.

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Today’s Best Money Market Rate is Almost 15X the National Average

Historically, money market deposit accounts have been the high-yield alternative to traditional savings products. However, in this ongoing, ...

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Survey of the Best Money Market Rates – Jan. 2014

How does your money market account compare to the best?

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Q&A: Are Money Market Accounts FDIC Insured?

Here's the low-down on insuring money markets.

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New Money Market Account Reforms: How Safe is Your Money?

Money Market accounts may get hit with a big change.

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Money Market Account Versus Money Market Funds

Money market accounts are sometimes confused with money market funds, which work a bit differently. While money market accounts are deposit accounts you can open at your bank, money market funds (MMFs) are investment products that you hold through a brokerage. They sound and operate similarly, but they are not the same thing. The biggest differentiating factor between money market accounts and MMFs is that it is possible to lose principal invested in the funds, while principal in money market accounts is guaranteed and insured by the FDIC, up to federal limits.