Dave Domzalski

Dave Domzalski

David Domzalski has over a decade of experience as an entrepreneur, writer, and public relations professional. He also has extensive data analytics and project management knowledge from his days as an auditor and accountant. David discusses entrepreneurship, personal finance, career tips, marketing, advertising, social media, and health and wellness on his blogs, RunTheMoney.com and FinancialBin.com. Today, David runs a public relations business where he helps solopreneurs, small business owners, startups, and authors get noticed in their field. He enjoys helping others take hold of their passion and whatever drives them—and connect with their target audience. David shares his writing talent to help entrepreneurs share their story with the world. Additionally, David also is working on his MBA—and assists college entrepreneurs in understanding the practice of entrepreneurship. As a graduate assistant, he helps to coach these students to grow their companies and boost their knowledge of business in general. Finally, he’s a parent himself and does his best to wear his many hats well. He’s not immune to making difficult decisions either, as he and his wife made the incredibly hard choice to relocate their family. When the family decided David’s wife would be a stay-at-home mother, the family had to move and leave the home and area they loved. It wasn’t easy, but their mental, emotional, and financial health are much better off today. That’s David’s story—and he wants to hear yours as well. Follow David on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/daviddomzalski/ and Twitter at @DavidDomzalski—or email him at dave@runthemoney.com.    
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