DJ & Dannie Vann

DJ & Dannie Vann

DJ & Dannie are a young married couple in the Bay Area that paid off more than $121,000 worth of debt in 2.5 years – mostly on a single income! Growing up, they saw how poor money management skills can negatively affect everyday life so they were determined to break that cycle of financial insecurity for themselves and others. In 2017, they created Pennies To Wealth to spread the knowledge they’ve learned on their journey towards financial independence. They teach their readers how to budget smarter, get out of debt, save money faster and build wealth with the money they actually have.

They believe every penny counts during your journey so their tips can be applied to incomes of all sizes. They’ve grown a large following on Instagram as well because of their no-nonsense approach, informative graphics and inspirational stories – they’d love for you to join them @PenniesToWealth!



How My Mother’s Death Changed Me Financially
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