Glenn Fydenkevez

Glenn Fydenkevez

Glenn Fydenkevez began his career in the financial services industry more than 20 years ago. After beginning as a broker, he rose through the ranks to become an officer in the Risk and Compliance division at one of Wall Street’s largest and most respected firms. He founded MasterPlan Capital, a boutique commercial real estate investment bank, in 2006 and remained the company’s president until 2017. 

Today, Glenn is a writer and content creator providing high-quality web content to his clients in business and the media. His specialties are the financial markets, securities law and compliance and commercial real estate finance, but he writes on many other business-related subjects as-well. 

Glenn resides in Western MA with his wife, son and daughter. In off hours he enjoys spending time with his family and exercising out-of-doors, although he admits he doesn’t do enough of either.

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