Jessi Fearon

Jessi Fearon

Jessi Fearon, a reformed money mess, shares all the details about her and her family’s road to debt recovery. She loves fudge but doesn’t fudge on the numbers when sharing her family’s real life on a budget. She is committed to helping everyone recognize that they do have the power to live a debt-free life. 

Jessi and her family have “walked the walk” when it comes to financial mistakes, but they’ve also learned how to overcome them. Being that Jessi and her husband share different money philosophies, you would think that would mean they do not see eye-to-eye when managing their money together. However, the opposite is true. Trying to navigate the waters of sharing money with someone else was a struggle in their first few years of marriage until they finally figured out that managing money well together had very little to do with their actual money

Jessi’s articles have been featured on MSN,, Buzzfeed and POPSUGAR. She is a teacher of money will power, a mentor of women who need a gentle push toward managing their family’s finances and an entrepreneur success story.

Jessi is married to a gorgeous lumberjack look alike, has three little ones and during their nap time, is a financial coach. She is a daughter of the King and gives thanks to Him for all her creative success.