Here’s Your Ally Bank Routing Number

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Knowing your routing number is just as important as knowing your bank account number and even your Social Security number. Without it, it’s hard to complete many transactions, like online payments and transfers. If you’re an Ally bank customer, you’ll need your bank’s unique routing number.

Here’s what you need to know about routing numbers and how to find your unique Ally bank routing number.

Ally Bank Routing Number 

Ally Bank has only one routing number for all domestic transactions. Here it is:

Ally Bank
Routing Number 124003116

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Ally Bank Wire Transfers

If you need to make an Ally bank wire transfer, log into your online account and select “Transfers” from the dashboard.

Domestic Wire Transfers

To make a domestic wire transfer, you will need your Ally bank routing number, account number, the name of the beneficiary and the name of the beneficiary’s bank. The routing number for domestic wire transfers is as follows:

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Ally Bank
Domestic Routing Number 124003116

International Wire Transfers

For all Ally Bank international wire transfers, you will need the unique routing number and SWIFT code. The SWIFT code distinctly identifies Ally in the wire transfer.

Ally Bank
International Routing Number 021000021

What Is a Routing Number?

A routing number, or ABA number, is a nine-digit number that is used to “identify and authorize the electronic transfer of funds” to and from your account. Each bank has a unique routing number that can vary by state.

Larger banks usually have several routing numbers based on region. Your routing number is often needed for transactions such as direct deposit and wire transfers.

The reason your routing number is crucial to most transactions is that it essentially serves as your bank’s address. The first four numbers represent the bank’s location. The next three numbers represent both the Federal Reserve bank the transaction should be sent through and the Federal Reserve check processing center. The last two digits denote the Federal Reserve district of the bank and the checksum.

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How To Find Your Ally Bank Routing Number

You can find your Ally Bank routing number on their website, as well as your personal checks. It is the first set of nine numbers at the bottom left-hand corner of your check followed by your bank account number and check number. 

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Information is accurate as of July 6, 2022.

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