Are Banks Open or Closed on Easter 2021?

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Although both Good Friday and Easter Sunday are celebrated by many people throughout the U.S., neither day is recognized as a holiday by the Federal Reserve System. That might make you think your bank will be open for business on Easter Sunday, which falls on April 4 this year. But even if your bank keeps Sunday hours at some of its branches, it’s best to check in advance to make sure your branch is open on Easter.

Read on to learn more about the status of banks on Easter 2021.

Banks Closed on Easter 2021

Most or all branch locations for the following banks are closed every Sunday, which means they’ll also be closed on Easter Sunday:

Wherever you bank, chances are your branch will not be open on Easter Sunday. But since some banks do keep Sunday hours during the rest of the year, it’s always a good idea to check with your local branch to find out what its hours are. A few banks do close on Good Friday even though it’s not considered a federal holiday.

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How To Bank on the Easter Holiday

Even if bank branches aren’t open on Easter, you can still handle a lot of banking tasks. Here are your best options for banking on Easter:

  • ATMs: You can do almost as much at an ATM as you can at a branch, including deposit cash and checks, check your balances, transfer money and withdraw cash. Depending on your bank, you might even be able to pay bills. For example, if you have a bank credit card, you might be able to make a payment at the ATM.
  • Mobile apps: Mobile apps can’t give you cash, but you can complete a lot of other transactions such as deposit checks, pay bills, transfer money, check your balances and send money to other people.
  • Online banking: If you’re looking for information about your account, your online banking account can help. You can check balances, transfer money, send money and pay bills on most bank websites.
  • Phone call: Most banks provide account information by phone. You might have to navigate an automated menu, but once you do, you can typically check account balances and activity and transfer funds. You might also be able to make bank credit card and loan payments.

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Check With Your Bank for Hours

Don’t see your bank listed here? Call or visit your bank to find out its holiday hours. Whenever possible, it’s smart to plan ahead so you can do your banking before the holiday weekend.

Schedules are subject to change and may vary by branch.

This article has been updated with additional reporting since its original publication.

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