BauerFinancial Star Rating

BauerFinancial, Inc. is our source for completely independent, unbiased bank and credit union analysis. Founded in 1983, BauerFinancial is regarded as a reputable source by federal and state regulators as well as retail consumers.

The BauerFinancial star rating reflects the results of thorough analysis of quarterly financial reporting required by the federal government for all financial institutions.


BauerFinancial star ratings classify each institution based upon a complex formula factoring in current and historical data. The first level of evaluation is the capital level of the institution followed by other relevant data including, but not limited, to: profitability, historical trends, loan delinquencies, repossessed assets, reserves, regulatory compliance, proposed regulations and asset quality. Negative trends are projected forward to compensate for the lag time in the data. BauerFinancial employs conservative measures when assigning these ratings and consequently the analysis may reflect a lower rating than those supplied by other analysts or the institutions themselves. As a general guideline, the following groupings were used:


BauerFinancial 5 Star Rating

Superior Rating: These institutions are on BauerFinancial’s Recommended Report: The maximum of 5 stars denotes a strong compliance and consistent quality financial management on behalf of the institution rated.


BauerFinancial 4 Star Rating

Excellent: These institutions are also on BauerFinancial’s Recommended Report.


BauerFinancial 3 1/2 Star Rating

Good: 3 and 1/2 star rating indicates the institution is in good standing.


BauerFinancial 3 Star Rating

Adequate: 3 star rating indicates the institution is in good standing.


BauerFinancial 2 Star Rating

Problematic: 2 star rating indicates the institution is considered problematic.


BauerFinancial 1 Star Rating

Troubled: 1 star rating indicates the institution is considered troubled.


Zero-Star Rating: BauerFinancial’s lowest rating.

S.U.: Represents the start-up classification and indicates that the bank is too new to be rated accurately. 9 quarters of financial data are required to transpire before a rating will be issued.

FDIC: A bank that has failed or been placed under FDIC conservatorship since the financial reporting date.


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