Newest BOK Financial Promotions: Best Offers, Coupons and Bonuses August 2020

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Bank of Oklahoma Financial provides regional banking services for customers in Oklahoma and other states in the Midwest and Southwest. Like many banks, BOK Financial runs promotions to help entice new customers, but many aren’t paying attention.

A GOBankingRates survey found that most respondents aren’t inclined to switch banks simply for the sign-up bonus. Rather than follow the crowd, take a look at what BOK Financial has to offer to earn your business.

BOK Financial Bank Promotions at a Glance

Here’s a quick overview of the most recent BOK Financial offers:

Best BOK Financial Promotions: August 2020
Account Cash Value of Bonus Expiration Date
BOK Financial QuickSave $250 None
Visa Signature Real Rewards and College Real Rewards Credit Card $25 None
Cash Rewards American Express Card $25 None
Premier Rewards American Express Card $100 None

Current BOK Financial Bank Promotions

The latest BOK Financial bonuses come with certain rules and requirements. Understanding the terms can help you qualify for the sign-up bonuses.

Best Checking Account Promotion

Only one checking account bonus is being offered by BOK Financial for June, but it’s easy to qualify for. Keep reading for more details.

A Better Way to Bank

BOK Financial QuickSave: Up To $250 Bonus

For this bonus, you’ll need to open a BOK Financial checking account and savings account and enroll in QuickSave.

QuickSave is an automatic savings program linked to your checking account’s debit card. Each time you purchase something with your debit card, BOK Financial will automatically transfer an amount of your choosing — 25 cents or 50 cents — into your savings account.

The bank will also match your deposits, up to $250 a year, to give your savings account a boost. For the first three months of the year, BOK Financial will match 100% of your savings. After that, it will match 5%.

No BOK Financial coupon code is required for this offer. Here’s more:

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Best Credit Card Promotions

BOK Financial is currently offering three credit card promotions. More details follow.

Visa Signature Real Rewards and College Real Rewards Credit Card: $25 Value

BOK Financial has two credit cards that come with 2,500 sign-up points, or the equivalent of a $25 bonus. You can choose between the Real Rewards Visa and the College Real Rewards Visa for students.

In addition to the sign-up bonus, both cards let you earn reward points on your spending that you can later redeem as cash back or gift cards. You can also choose to use the points to pay your card’s statement balance or spend on select merchandise or travel.

Here’s how to get the bonus:

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Cash Rewards American Express Card: $25 Bonus

The BOK Financial Cash Rewards American Express card offers up to 3% cash back on purchases. There’s no limit to the amount of cash back you can earn, and you have five years to redeem the cash.

You can earn a $25 bonus just by making a purchase. Here are the details:

Premier Rewards American Express Card: $100 Bonus

The Premier Rewards American Express Card has an introductory offer of 10,000 bonus points. You’ll also be reimbursed for TSA Precheck or Global Entry, subject to plan terms and conditions.

Here are the details on earning the bonus points:

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How To Open a BOK Financial Account

While you can always visit a BOK Financial branch to open a new account, opening an account online is faster and easier. As long as you’re a U.S. citizen and live in the eight states that BOK Financial serves, you can open a BOK Financial account online. You’ll need to provide the following:

You’ll also need a way to fund your new account, either with a credit or debit card number or your current bank’s routing number and account number to transfer funds to the account.

How Much Money Will BOK Financial Give You for Opening an Account?

In terms of dollar value, the best BOK Financial bonus for August is for the QuickSave promotion, which can put an extra $250 in your account for opening a checking account and savings account and signing up for the automatic savings program. You also have a chance to earn $25 by signing up for one of the credit card bonuses. You don’t need to deposit or spend a lot of money to earn any of the bonuses. However, you will need good credit to qualify for BOK Financial’s credit cards, so if you’ve had problems with bad credit, take steps now to improve your credit score.

A Better Way to Bank

Check back each month for updates and new promotions as they are available. If none of the above promotions seem like a good fit for you, there are also a number of other banks offering promotions this month.

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