Here’s Your Citi® Routing Number

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Your Citi® routing number might come in handy when you’re signing up for direct deposit or sending cash to family and friends. Use the chart below to instantly find your routing number.

Citibank’s routing number, 021000089, can be found on their official website or by contacting customer service.

Citi Routing Numbers By State

Region Routing Number
Northern California — including San Francisco and Central California 321171184
Southern California — including Los Angeles and San Diego 322271724
Connecticut 221172610
Florida 266086554
Illinois 271070801
Maryland 052002166
New Jersey 021272655
New York 021000089
Texas 113193532
Virginia and Washington, D.C. 254070116

If you don’t see your region listed or aren’t sure where you opened your account, call Citi at 1-888-248-4226 for assistance.

What Is a Routing Number?

The routing number — also known as the ABA or check routing number — was created by the American Bankers Association in 1910 as a way to process paper checks. Over the last century, it evolved to give banks and credit unions the ability to send and receive funds to and from other financial institutions.

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How To Find Your Citi Routing Number

There are a few ways to find a Citi routing number. If you remember which state you opened your account in, just use the chart.

If you have a Citi checking account, you can also find your routing number on a check. The check routing number is the first nine numbers in the lower left corner. You might not have a check handy, however, so you can also call 1-888-248-4226 any time at to find the routing number for your account.

If you are at all confused about which number to use, you should consider calling Citi, because using the right number could mean the difference between your money going into the right or wrong account.

How To Find Your Routing Number on a Check

Routing numbers typically appear in the lower left-hand corner of a check. The graphic below will show you where to find your Citi routing number right in your checkbook.

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Banks Can Have Multiple Routing Numbers

Banks aren’t tied to having just one routing number. Much like how big banks have different addresses for their branches across the nation, they often feature different routing numbers, too. The reasoning behind this is to ensure accuracy in locating funds.

A bank typically features a primary routing number, which is assigned based on where its main office is located. As it adds locations, the bank might become eligible to receive more numbers.

International Wire Transfers

Sending cash across borders comes with a different set of rules. If you’re sending an international wire transfer, you’ll need to know the following:

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You’ll Need Your Routing Number

Your routing number — sometimes called an ABA — is an extremely useful piece of information when it comes to your banking life. Your Citi routing number appears on your checks, or you can get it by logging into your account online or contacting your bank directly.

Be sure to verify the routing number before you send your cash. If it’s off by even one digit, your money could go somewhere else.

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