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First Bank Holding Co. is the parent institution of First Bank. If you open an account at the bank and are issued checks, you might notice some numbers at the bottom. Those numbers aren’t just random — they actually contain important information that allows banks to identify your account. In addition to your actual bank account number, your checks contain a routing number. Routing numbers are important because they help direct money to flow to the right places. As a consumer, it’s important to know your bank routing number so you can set up payments like direct deposits or ACH transfers.

How to Find Your First Bank Routing Number for ACH Transfers

Perhaps the easiest way to find your First Bank routing number is to look on the bank’s website. Under the First Bank Contact Us section, there’s a question listed that asks, “What is my routing number?” To send an ACH transfer to a First Bank account, you’ll use the ACH routing number 107005047.

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You can also find your
routing number on the bottom, left-hand side of your check or on your monthly statement. Enrolling in First Bank online banking is another way to view your account details.

What Is a Routing Number?

A routing number is a nine-digit number, also called an ABA number, that banks use to direct financial transactions between banks. Your routing number identifies your bank, and then your account number ensures that the money either goes into or comes out of the correct account. You’ll need a routing number for transactions such as ACH transfers or wire transfers.

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Understanding Your First Bank Routing Number

The first four digits of the routing number represent the Federal Reserve Routing Symbol, with each of the 12 Federal Reserve districts having its own codes. For example, Federal Reserve District 1 includes Boston, so a bank routing number search of banks in Boston reveals routing numbers beginning with 0110, 0112, and so on.

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The next group of four numbers are ABA institution identifiers, which specifically identify your bank. The final number is a “check” digit, which confirms the prior eight numbers. 

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Receiving Wire Transfers

To receive a wire transfer at First Bank, your routing number is essential, but you’ll need additional information. You’ll also need to note First Bank’s address:

10403 West West Colfax Avenue

Lakewood, CO 80215

You’ll also need your First Bank account number and any specific instructions you might have for the money.

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Information is accurate as of Feb. 10, 2022