Here’s Your SunTrust Routing Number

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SunTrust is a major regional bank that operates in the southeastern United States, with branches in 11 states and Washington, D.C. If you are a SunTrust customer or sending money to someone who is, you might need to find the bank’s routing number.

The routing number on your check enables your money to get to the right place when you’re making a payment by phone or online or signing up for direct deposits.

What Is SunTrust Bank’s Routing Number?

SunTrust Routing Number

Although SunTrust only has one routing number, it serves customers in these states:

What Is a Routing Number?

The American Bankers Association routing transit number, commonly called the ABA, RTN or simply the routing number, has been in use since 1910. Banks use this number to direct payments and deposits to the correct banks and financial institutions.

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The nine-digit routing number on your check stands for different things. Here’s what each digit means:

Banks Can Have Multiple Routing Numbers

Some banks and credit unions have multiple routing numbers to serve different branches or geographical locations. In addition, some financial institutions assign different routing numbers for paper and electronic transactions.

It’s essential that you use the right routing number when you initiate a transfer or payment. Your routing number will be on the bottom left-hand side of your check and your account number will be to the right of the routing number.

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The Difference Between ACH and ABA Routing Numbers

Automated Clearing House (ACH) routing numbers are assigned for electronic transactions among banks and credit unions and they are also nine-digit numbers. They are typically used for regular payments, such as direct debits and deposits. Each number is unique to that bank and identifies its clearing house.

Your ABA number is the same as your routing number on your check and it will work for paper check transfers, but make sure you can use the same number for electronic transfers; sometimes a specific ACH number is needed. Here’s how this all breaks down, according to money transfer company TransferWise:

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Different Routing Numbers for International Wire Transfers

If you’re receiving a domestic wire transfer in the U.S., you might need to provide the payer with a different routing number than the one on your check. If you’re receiving an international wire transfer, you might not even need a routing number — instead, you could have to furnish the payer with your bank’s SWIFT code.

It’s key to provide the payer with the right routing number to ensure you get your funds. For example, if you provide the ACH routing number by mistake, the payment will not go through. Find your SunTrust wire transfer routing number in the chart.

SunTrust Wiring Numbers
Domestic Wire Transfer 061000104
International Wire Transfer 061000104

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Make Sure You Know Your Routing Number

Now that you know what your routing number represents and how important it is, you can locate the information in a number of ways. You can use the charts provided, call your bank directly or find the number on the bottom of your checks.

Don’t forget that you might need to use a different routing number from the one that’s on your check for a wire transfer. Consider checking with your financial institution before you initiate the wire — you want to make sure you money goes to the right place.

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Information accurate as of Feb. 15, 2022.