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Founded in Oregon in 1953, Umpqua Bank has grown to become a full-service institution offering a wide variety of financial products and services. Branches have expanded from Oregon into Washington, Nevada, California and Idaho. Umpqua Bank looks to serve all types of customers, as it offers online products in addition to its traditional, in-branch banking. The combined entity offers an impressive, diversified product line that can fill nearly any banking need. Special term, enhanced rate CDs and ATM fee rebates are some of the bank’s more attractive features. But Umpqua Bank reviews are not the greatest, especially at the Better Business Bureau, where it sports a D- rating along with 15 customer complaints over the past three years.

Here’s a comprehensive look at Umpqua Bank’s lineup of products and services, along with a review of who the bank might best serve:

Who Is Umpqua Bank Best For?

Umpqua Bank is best for customers living on or near the West Coast who are looking for a traditional, in-person banking relationship. Physical branches are located in Oregon, Idaho, California, Washington and Nevada only. In fact, even among customers who are comfortable working with an online bank, Umpqua Bank is likely best for those within reach of a branch, as not all of its products are available online and only residents of those states can open an account.

A Better Way to Bank

But Umpqua Bank can still be a good option for out-of-region users because it offers a wide variety of accounts that provide ATM fee reimbursements and mobile account access. Many accounts can be opened free of charge if you meet certain minimum requirements. Thus, although being located near a branch might be ideal, customers can still enjoy the features and benefits of the bank even if they’re currently far away.


  • Wide range of accounts and services
  • Accounts with low minimums
  • No-fee accounts, if you meet certain requirements
  • Combination of both in-branch and online capabilities
  • Weekend customer service available


  • Limited, regional branch availability
  • Must speak with a banker to discover most account annual percentage yields
  • High overdraft fee

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Who Might Want To Skip Umpqua Bank?

Although Umpqua Bank offers mobile account access and online accounts, it’s not likely to be the first choice for customers seeking the low fees and high APYs associated with numerous online banks. Rates offered by the bank on checking, savings and CD products are hard to find without contacting a banker, and in some cases, such as with the bank’s basic checking accounts, are nonexistent.

Umpqua Bank likely won’t appeal to you unless you’re a customer seeking a traditional, in-branch experience and you live in the bank’s relatively limited region. With branches in just five states — Oregon, California, Nevada, Washington and Idaho — customers in the nation’s remaining 45 states are out of the bank’s reach in terms of physical branches.

A Better Way to Bank
Who Is Umpqua Bank Suitable For?
Best for those who: Worst for those who:
Live in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho or Nevada Live outside of the five-state service area
Want a broad range of account types Want no-fee, high-APY accounts
Desire in-person assistance Prefer a complete online experience

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Types of Accounts Available

Umpqua Bank offers a fairly broad range of accounts, many of which are available online. Most customers will be able to find accounts such as checking and savings that service their basic banking needs. Here’s the list of current offerings at Umpqua Bank.

Umpqua Bank Product Line
Product APY Fees Features
Checking 0.01% for top-tier account only $0-$20, depending on qualifying activity Complimentary savings accounts and fee waivers available
Savings 0.01% $3, $0 with qualifying activity Can be linked with checking accounts
Money Market


  • Under $9,999.99- 0.03%
  • $10,000-99,999- 0.05%
  • $100,00.00 and over- 0.07%

Prosper Money Market

  • Under $9,999.99- 0.03%
  • $10,000-249,999.99-0.05%
  • $250,000- 400,000- 0.07%
  • $500,000- 0.08%

Prosper Money Market, with Checking Account

  • Under $9,999.99- 0.05%
  • $10,000-249,999.99-0.07%
  • $250,000- 400,000- 0.09%
  • $500,000- 0.10%

Consumer Money Market

  • Under $10,000–0.03
  • $10,000-100,000– 0.05%
  • $100,000 and more– 0.08

Consumer Money Market, with Checking Account

  • Under $10,000– 0.05%
  • $10,000 and more– 1.15%
$0-$15, depending on qualifying activity Two types of accounts available
  • 1mo -0.01%
  • 3mo-0.02%
  • 6mo-0.05%
  • 12mo-0.5%
  • 18mo- 0.65%
  • 2y-0.7%
  • 3y-0.7%
  • 4y-0.85%
  • 5y-1.00%%
$0 No service charge, special 7- and 13-month terms also available
IRAs 18-month IRA offered at 0.65% $0 Traditional and Roth IRAs available
Investments Must contact bank for current investment options See bank for advisory fee/commission schedule Multiple investment options; must visit an advisor in California, Oregon or Washington
Loans Rates run from 4.07% to 9.02%-plus depending on type of loan No origin fee for most Wide range available, from personal loans and lines of credit to
home-equity lines of credit and vehicle/vessel loans
Information is accurate as of Feb. 3. 2020.

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Umpqua Bank offers three different types of checking accounts: Embark, Access and Attain. All of the accounts can be opened online, but only the top-tier Attain account pays interest. Fees vary from account to account, but you can always meet qualifying activities to bring your monthly fee down to $0. For example, with the Embark account, you can pay no fees if you simply enroll in paperless statements. For the top-tier Attain account, you’ll need to have either $15,000 on deposit in the account or $25,000 in combined deposit and outstanding loan balances. Otherwise, you’ll pay up to $20 per month.

Each tier of checking account offers a complimentary savings account and ATM fee rebates, although the level varies by account. Access Checking also allows one free incoming wire transfer per monthly cycle. Additional benefits are reserved for the Attain account and include the following:

  • No international processing fees
  • Bonus interest on CDs
  • Unlimited complimentary incoming wire transfers
  • Complimentary cashier’s checks
A Better Way to Bank

All checking accounts come with a mobile app with bill pay and money-transfer capabilities.


  • Account fee waivers available
  • ATM fee rebates
  • Variety of perks available with top-tier Attain account


  • Overdraft fee of $35
  • Fees of up to $20 per month without qualifying account activity

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Umpqua Bank has one savings account, the Grow Savings account. The $3 monthly fee can be waived with a $200 minimum balance or if you complete a monthly transfer from an Umpqua personal deposit account. The fee is also waived if the account holder is younger than 18 or older than 54. Savings account yields are not disclosed online, so you’ll need to contact a banker for current rates.


  • Low fee that is easily waived
  • $25 to open
  • ATM card access
  • Unlimited complimentary deposits


  • APY not disclosed online

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Money Market Accounts

Umpqua Bank offers two types of money market accounts, the Thrive Money Market and the Prosper Money Market. Monthly fees are $10 and $15, respectively, but both drop to $0 with minimum daily balances. In the case of the Thrive Money Market, the required minimum is $1,000; for the Prosper Money Market, a $10,000 minimum balance or $25,000 in combined deposit and loan balances does the trick.

Both money market accounts have a $100 minimum opening balance and offer 50 free check deposits per month, with a $0.25 per check charge thereafter. ATM access is also available, just as with the bank’s savings account. Both accounts pay interest, and a higher rate is available on the Prosper Money Market if you link your account to an active personal checking account. Rate information is not available online.

A Better Way to Bank


  • Low minimums to open
  • Easy to avoid fee on Thrive Money Market
  • ATM access


  • High minimum to avoid fee on Prosper Money Market
  • No rate information online

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Umpqua Bank CDs have a $1,000 minimum investment, no monthly service charge, FDIC insurance and multiple terms. Rates are not disclosed on the bank’s website, except for two special categories of CDs.

Umpqua Bank Special CD Rates
Term APY
7 months 1.50%
13 months 1.65%
Information is accurate as of Feb. 3. 2020.

As is the case with learning most of the bank’s CD rates, you must ask an associate if you’re interested to learn the bank’s CD early withdrawal penalties.


  • Good rates on special-term CDs
  • No monthly service charges


  • Most rate and early withdrawal penalty information not available online

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Individual Retirement Accounts

Umpqua Bank offers IRA accounts but you can’t open them online. You must stop by a neighborhood Umpqua Bank branch or call (866) 486-7782.

You can open either a traditional or a Roth IRA at Umpqua Bank. Each account type offers either savings or CD options but you must discuss these with your Umpqua Bank representative for further details.


  • Both savings and CD options available in IRAs
  • Both Roth and traditional IRAs available


  • Can’t open IRA accounts online

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Investment (Nonbank) Options

Umpqua Bank offers investment options, but you must speak with a financial advisor in Washington, Oregon or California. You can’t open an online trading account with Umpqua Bank. Available products include:

  • Equities
  • Mutual funds
  • Annuities
  • Insurance
A Better Way to Bank

The bank also offers various retirement planning products like 401(k)s and Simplified Employee Pensions, along with financial and educational planning.


  • Diverse investment products available
  • Retirement planning options
  • Financial and educational planning


  • Cannot open investment accounts online
  • Must speak with advisor in Washington, Oregon or California only

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Umpqua Bank offers a wide range of loan types. Some loans have no origination fees, and rate discounts are possible with autopay. Loans can be short- or long-term, with a fixed or variable rate. Here’s a look at the current range of loans offered at Umpqua Bank:

Umpqua Bank Loan Options
Product Term APR
Personal loans Up to 4 years 9.02%+
HELOC 1-15 years 4.75%+
Personal lines of credit N/A 8.70%+
Auto loans 2-7 years 4.07%+
Boat & RV loans 4-15 years 6.40%+
Information is accurate as of Feb. 3. 2020.

You’ll want to discuss specifics of each type of loan with an Umpqua Bank officer, as terms can vary wildly. For example, personal lines of credit can range from $1,000 to $100,000, whereas HELOCs can run between $5,000 and $500,000. Personal loans can have maturities of up to four years and don’t require any collateral, although there is a $100 origination fee.


  • Multiple types of loans available
  • Rates can be low, especially for HELOCs and auto loans
  • Rate information published online
  • Large credit lines available


  • $100 origination fee on personal loans

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How To Bank with Umpqua Bank

You can open certain accounts online with Umpqua Bank, including its checking, savings and money market accounts, in about 5-10 minutes. You’ll need the following information to get started:

  • Social Security number
  • Driver’s license or state ID
  • Home address
A Better Way to Bank

You must be a U.S. resident at least 18 years of age living in California, Idaho, Washington, Oregon or Nevada to open an account with Umpqua Bank.

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Once you’ve established your account, you can bank with Umpqua Bank either from your desktop or via the bank’s mobile app. You can also use an Umpqua Bank ATM to transfer funds, make cash or check deposits, check your balance or add funds to a prepaid card.

Customer Service

You can contact Umpqua Bank customer service at (866) 486-7782. Lines are open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST Saturday and Sunday. International callers can receive assistance by calling (541) 440-3961.

In the event you need after-hours help with a stolen credit or debit card, you can select option 2 on the bank’s automated phone line.

Live chat is also available to customers who download the Go-To app.

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Umpqua Bank can have either low fees or high fees, depending on your perspective and your account activity. Most checking, savings and money market accounts can have a $0 fee if you meet basic qualifying activity such as selecting online statements and/or maintaining a certain balance.

Availability of Funds

Umpqua Bank offers relatively easy access to customer funds. Checking, savings and money market accounts come with ATM access. The daily withdrawal limit is $500.

Customers who live near a branch can access funds directly with a teller during normal operating hours.

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Umpqua Bank in a Nutshell

Here’s a quick review of the pros and cons of the bank.


Umpqua Bank has characteristics of both an online bank and a brick-and-mortar institution. Whether or not Umpqua Bank qualifies as one of the best banks might depend in part on where you reside. Living on the West Coast lets you enjoy the best of both worlds because, in addition to accessing your account online, you can visit a branch in one of five Western states. Also, customer service hours are fairly generous for a regional institution, with weekend assistance available.

Even if you don’t currently reside out West, Umpqua Bank is just a click away, as checking, savings and other basic banking accounts don’t require an in-branch visit to open and maintain. The relatively generous ATM fee rebate program makes basic banking a snap regardless of what part of the country you’re living in or visiting, and most accounts carry no fees if you meet some small qualifying requirements.


Anyone looking to use Umpqua Bank as a one-stop-shop for all of their banking needs will have to live in California, Nevada, Idaho, Washington or Oregon. In addition to the restriction that you must live in one of those states to open an account, some of Umpqua Bank’s accounts can’t be opened online by anyone. Umpqua Bank doesn’t disclose all the information about its accounts online, particularly when it comes to deposit account APYs, so you’ll have to be in touch with the bank directly to get all the information you might want about various accounts.

For customers drawn to the high-APY, no-fee accounts offered at many major online banks, the Umpqua Bank experience might not be your cup of tea. And even though you can open some accounts online, the overall banking experience with Umpqua Bank will likely be better if you have an in-person relationship with a branch banker. Customers in the service area who prefer banking at physical branches should consider Umpqua Bank a worthy option for managing their accounts. Stop in or call customer service for account details.

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