11 Best CD Rates Available in Ventura

A new interest rate study from GOBankingRates helps local depositors identify the best five-year certificate of deposit accounts currently available in Ventura.

CD rates tend to vary geographically because local institutions are all striving to accomplish different goals,” said Amanda Garcia, reporter for GOBankingRates. “The average CD rates in a city or state will depend on several factors, like the current lending environment, capital available, and level of competition for deposits among local banks and credit unions.”

GOBankingRates also compared the average CD rate in Ventura against state and national averages.

Average CD Rates

  • Ventura: 1.005% APY
  • California:  1.020% APY
  • United States: 1.020% APY

11 Highest Five-Year CD Account Rates in Ventura

  • No. 1 (tie)- Bank of the West’s Premium CD Account: 2.00% APY
    • For deposits between $10,000 and $24,999
  • No. 1 (tie)- SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union’s Deferred Compensation CD Account: 2.00% APY
    • For deposits $50+
  • No. 3- Western Federal Credit Union: 1.71% APY
    • For deposits between $1,000 and $39,999
  • No. 4- KeyPoint Credit Union: 1.65% APY
    • For deposits between $10,000 and $24,999
  • No. 5- Wescom Credit Union: 1.51% APY
    • For deposits $500+
  • No. 6- OneWest Bank: 1.50% APY
    • For deposits between $5,000 and $24,999
  • No. 7- CapitalSource Bank: 1.40% APY
    • For deposits $10,000+
  • No. 8- Premier America Credit Union: 1.30% APY
    • For deposits between $10,000 and $24,999
  • No. 9- Ventura County Credit Union: 1.15% APY
    • For deposits $1,000+
  • No. 10- CBC Federal Credit Union: 1.10% APY
    • For deposits $500+
  • No. 11- Logix: 1.01% APY
    • For deposits between $1,000 and $99,999

The five-year CD account from Ventura County Credit Union is especially notable for offering savers the same high-yield rate regardless of deposit amount. With a low, $1,000 deposit, members can begin earning dividends that compound monthly and are federally insured by the NCUA.

About This Study

This study surveyed base rates for interest-bearing CD accounts with an assumed deposit of $10,000 from banks and credit unions located in Ventura and the surrounding Ventura County as of Feb. 4, 2014. Data was compiled from the GOBankingRates interest rate database, which in partnership with Informa Research Services Inc., aggregates banking and interest rate information belonging to more than 4,000 U.S. banks and credit unions. Rates offered for restrictive account terms, such as student- or senior-only accounts, as well as from brokerage institutions, were omitted.

Please note that interest rates are subject to change at any time at the discretion of individual banks and credit unions. Other terms and conditions could apply. Although the information has been obtained from the various financial institutions, Informa Research Services cannot guarantee the accuracy.


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