Here Are the Highest CD Rates at Credit Unions

Take advantage of a credit union CD and get great rates plus insurance.

You can boost your bottom line by comparison shopping for financial products — like checking out certificates of deposit at various credit unions — just like you do for groceries, electronics and cars. Getting the best CD rate means you’ll be making more money on your investment, so it literally pays to find the highest interest rate possible.

Find out now the best rates on credit union CDs by reviewing the chart — and learn everything else you need to know about investing in one. Once you know where to find the best savings rates, you can take your investment strategy to the next level by laddering your CDs.

The Highest CD Rates at Credit Unions
Credit Union 1-Year CD Rate (APY)  3-Year CD Rate (APY)  5-Year CD Rate (APY) 
Alaska USA Credit Union logo 2017Alaska USA Federal Credit Union0.80%1.65%2.06%
 Alliant Credit UnionAlliant Credit Union1.35%1.60%2.05%
 America First Credit Union1.25%1.75%2.55%
 American Airlines CU logo 2017American Airlines Federal Credit Union1.36%1.92%2.52%
 Bethpage Federal Credit Union logo 2017Bethpage Federal Credit Union1.00%1.80%2.25%
 Boeing Employees Credit Union logo 2017Boeing Employees Credit Union0.35%0.50%n/a
Citizens Equity First Credit Union logo 2017Citizens Equity First Credit Union0.40%1.25%1.76%
Consumers Credit Union logo 2017Consumers Credit Union0.15%0.45%1.60%
 Dearborn Federal Credit Union logo 2017Dearborn Federal Credit Union0.25%0.40%0.80%
 Delta Community Credit Union logo 2017Delta Community Credit Union0.75%1.25%1.65%
 Desert Schools Federal Credit Union logo 2017Desert Schools Federal Credit Union0.50%1.25%1.60%
 digital federal credit unionDigital Federal Credit Union1.01%1.31%1.75%
 Eastman Credit Union logo 2017Eastman Credit Union1.25%1.60%2.10%
 Ent Federal Credit Union logo 2017Ent Federal Credit Union0.90%1.50%1.90%
 ESL Federal Credit Union logo 2017ESL Federal Credit Union0.20%0.45%0.55%
 First Tech FCU logo 2017First Tech Federal Credit Union0.60%1.35%1.75%
 Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union logo 2017Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union0.55%1.25%1.65%
 Kinecta Federal Credit Union logo 2017Kinecta Federal Credit Union0.85%1.40%2.05%
 lake michigan credit unionLake Michigan Credit Union0.05%1.05%1.80%
 Logix logo 2017Logix Federal Credit Union0.35%0.70%1.10%
Mountain America Credit Union logo 2017Mountain America Credit Union1.20%1.75%2.50%
 Navy FCU logo 2017Navy Federal Credit Union1.25%1.65%2.00%
 OnPoint Community Credit Union logo 2017OnPoint Community Credit Union0.55%1.00%1.50%
Patelco Credit Union logo 2017Patelco Credit Union0.75%1.35%2.00%
 PenFedPenFed Federal Credit Union0.70%0.80%1.00%
 Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union logo 2017Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union1.00%1.75%2.25%
Police and Fire Federal Credit Union logo 2017Police and Fire Federal Credit Union1.25%1.70%2.00%
Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union logo 2017Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union1.21%1.61%1.97%
Redstone Federal Credit Union logo 2017Redstone Federal Credit Union0.60%1.35%1.45%
San Diego County Credit Union0.35%1.05%1.95%
 Security Service Federal Credit UnionSecurity Service Federal Credit Union1.20%1.60%2.00%
Space Coast Credit Union logo 2017Space Coast Credit Union0.30%0.95%1.86%
 Star One Credit Union logo 2017Star One Credit Union1.19%1.29%n/a
 State Employee CU logo 2017State Employees’ Credit Union1.00%1.50%1.75%
 suncoast credit union logoSuncoast Credit Union0.80%1.50%2.00%
 Teachers Federal Credit Union logo 2017Teachers Federal Credit Union1.00%1.80%2.25%
 The Golden 1 Credit Union0.30%0.85%1.44%
 Tinker Federal Credit Union logo 2017Tinker Federal Credit Union0.60%1.25%1.35%
Tower Federal Credit Union logo 2017Tower Federal Credit Union0.45%0.75%1.10%
 United Nations FCU logo 2017United Nations Federal Credit Union1.00%1.55%1.80%
 Visions Federal Credit Union logo 2017Visions Federal Credit Union0.65%1.11%1.92%
VyStar Credit Union logo 2017VyStar Credit Union0.86%1.25%1.90%
Wescom CU logo 2016Wescom Credit Union1.00%1.65%2.25%
Wings Financial Credit Union logo 2017Wings Financial Credit Union0.75%1.30%1.90%
Rates accurate as of Aug. 1, 2017, except for PenFed, which is accurate as of today.

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How Term Lengths Impact Credit Union CD Rates

Credit unions offer a higher APY on CDs with longer terms because you contract to leave the money in the account for a longer period of time. For example, America First Credit Union offers the highest 60-month CD interest rate at 2.55 percent but offers less than half of that — 1.25 percent — on a 12-month CD. Similarly, American Airlines Federal Credit Union leads the pack with a rate of 1.36 percent for its 12-month CD — and it pays 1.92 percent for a 36-month CD and 2.52 percent for a 60-month CD.

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How Deposit Amounts Impact Credit Union CD Rates

When you compare CD rates at credit unions you’ll find you’ll earn different interest rates depending not only on the CD’s term but for the amount you invest as well. Typically, the highest rates are for large deposits. For example, at Navy Federal Credit Union you can earn 1.25 percent on a 12-month CD if you invest at least $1,000, but if you invest $100,000 or more the interest rate increases to 1.30 percent.

Additional Credit Union CD Features

Some CDs offer additional features that might make it worth accepting a lower interest rate. For example, United Nations Federal Credit Union lets you invest in a 30-month CD that pays 1.44 percent — and if interest rates rise during the CD’s term, you can increase its rate.

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If you can take advantage of rising rates without terminating your CD and incurring an early withdrawal penalty, it might be worth considering. Although you could get a 1.8 percent interest rate on a 36-month CD at either Bethpage Federal Credit Union or Teachers Federal Credit Union, you might decide the potential rate increase is worth the lower starting rate.

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Credit Union CD Insurance

Credit union products — including CDs are covered by NCUA insurance instead of FDIC insurance. The insurance protects your investment for up to $250,000 — per person, per credit union, per account — in the event the credit union goes out of business. For example, if you have $200,000 in CDs at Credit Union A and another $220,000 in CDs at Credit Union B, your entire $420,000 is covered because you are under the $250,000 limit at each credit union.

Joining a Credit Union

To take advantage of these credit union rates, you often have to meet certain criteria to join the credit union, such as living in a certain area, working for a certain company or industry or being an association member. That said, some credit unions allow anyone to join, so it’s worth your while to do your research when looking for one.

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