Salem Five Direct CD Rates Remain Competitive

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Salem Five Direct is an online division of Salem Five Bank, which has been serving the greater Boston area for more than 160 years. Like most banks, Salem Five Direct offers certificates of deposit among its lineup of products. One advantage of CDs is that they offer higher interest rates than most standard savings accounts. You don’t need to live in the Boston area to take advantage of Salem Five Direct’s competitive CD rates — you can access them anywhere by opening an online CD account.

Keep reading to learn more about Salem Five Direct CD rates and see if the products are right for you. This review will cover the following:

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Salem Five Direct CD Overview

Salem Five Direct offers a high-yield CD with three term options. All CDs come with the protection of FDIC insurance and no monthly fees. Here’s a quick look:

Salem Five Direct CDs at a Glance
Type Terms Minimum Deposit Rate
High-Yield Certificate of Deposit 12 months $10,000 0.50% annual percentage yield
High-Yield Certificate of Deposit 18 months $10,000 0.50% APY
High-Yield Certificate of Deposit 36 months $10,000 0.75% APY

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Who Are Salem Five Direct CDs Best For?

Salem Five Direct’s CDs are best for people who can put $10,000 or more into an account without needing access to it for at least a year. Unlike other banks that restrict the amount of money you can deposit online, Salem Five Direct accepts large deposits from customers when they open their accounts.


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Who Might Want To Open a Salem Five Direct CD?

If you live in the bank’s service area in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, you can enjoy the comforts of boutique banking services along with the online services. However, the bank’s online banking system and fee-free ATM policy also make it a good option for customers who live outside the immediate service area and want the convenience of online banking. You can open a checking and savings account at the same time and manage all of your money through the online banking system on a computer or mobile device.

Who Might Want To Pass on Salem Five Direct’s CD Options?

Salem Five Direct is not the bank for you if you’re looking for investment products or a large menu of options when choosing accounts. The bank only offers a checking account, savings account and CD through its online division. You should also pass on Salem Five Direct if you don’t have at least $10,000 to deposit in a CD. You can find similar or better rates and terms at other banks that don’t require such a large opening deposit.

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How To Open a Salem Five Direct CD

At Salem Five Direct you can open a CD in a few simple steps. First, you’ll need to choose the account you want and then provide personal information including your address, email and phone number. Next, review the bank’s disclosures. After that you can fund your account. The bank accepts deposits through ACH transfer, check or a transfer from an existing Salem Five Direct account. You’ll also receive instructions for accessing the bank’s online banking platform as part of your welcome packet.

Note that the bank only accepts applications from U.S. citizens and permanent residents who do not live in Puerto Rico. You will have to upload a copy of your government-issued ID when you apply for the account and agree to receive your disclosures via email.

If you would like to open a CD in the name of a trust, you have to complete the process through the mail or at a physical branch. The application is available for download from the bank’s website.

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