4 Tampa Rewards Checking Account Perks You’re Missing Out On

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Tampa, Fla. offers a wealth of appealing activities to make it a fun place to call home. From its vast array of craft beer breweries, to its surrounding beaches and family-friendly activities such as the Florida Aquarium, the city’s varied offerings appeal to wide range of interests.

Along with its unique attractions, Tampa residents have access to checking accounts with competitive rates. In fact, some local banks and credit unions offer perks with their checking accounts that can help you save money or receive free things just for doing everyday transactions. Here’s a look at some of these rewards and how they can be beneficial to your finances.

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1. Cash-Back Rewards

Many banks and credit unions offer cash-back rewards because the incentives are just too good for you to ignore. For example, you can receive cash back for doing simple transactions such as making debit card purchases, writing checks or paying bills online. Moreover, the more you do these things, the more cash back you earn. These rewards can build up over time and you can use them for anything — even toward bigger purchases.

2. High Interest Rates

Most checking accounts don’t offer interest, so finding a bank or credit union that offers a competitively high rate with one of their checking accounts is great for your finances. For example, you can earn 2.00% APY on balances up to $15,000 using a qualifying Kasasa checking account from floridacentral. For a checking account, that’s a good amount of interest you can earn to help you reach your finance goals more quickly. This way, you’re not just spending money, but saving money.

3. ATM Fee Refunds

“Look to see if [your bank offers] ATM refunds and if so, what ATMs it covers,” said Brian Robinson of floridacentral marketing. “With floridacentral Credit Union’s Kasasa Checking and Ultimate Checking accounts … ATM refunds are good for any ATM in the U.S.”

Not all, but some credit unions will refund any ATM fees you incur. Usually this means you must meet some minimum requirements — like having direct deposit set up or having a set number of debit card transactions clear per month. Fees can really add up and having them refunded will really help you save overtime.

4. Free Mobile and Online Banking

With many banks and credit unions charging for using basic services, free checking accounts are becoming rarer, but they still exist. Often, these accounts offer a bevy of great features such as free online bill pay, free mobile and online banking access and free bill pay.

It’s important to note that when you find these free accounts you should check to see if there are any requirements you need to meet. Usually, you will have to have direct deposit set for that account that has to reach a certain threshold to waive the monthly fee. Some banks might even have additional requirements such as a specific number of debit card transactions you need to make to avoid the fee.

Overall, Tampa residents can take advantage of some amazing checking account benefits that are available through local financial institutions. The best place to begin is to research local banks and credit unions to examine the perks they offer on their Tampa rewards checking accounts. While doing research, it’s also important to note the financial institution’s fees for the account — if any — that way you don’t encounter these surprises down the road.

Jamie Young contributed to the reporting for this article.

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