Checking Account: ATM Safety

About 30 years ago, checks from transactional accounts were one of the most important financial tools a person had. Bills were paid by checks and they were accepted at most stores (such as the local groceries or pharmacies) and was the grab-to-pay device for most Americans managing their household expenses – and the use of credit cards was not matured in the mass market yet. Nowadays, ATM cards linked to your checking accounts serves many of the same purposes but with the exception for the speedier transactions.

Anyone can use their local ATM to deposit paychecks, withdrawal cash, and make transfers within their accounts. However, there are several things to be aware of to ensure your safety and privacy while using ATMs for your banking needs.

Some of the ways to play it safe at the ATMs are basic use of common sense. Always choose ATMs that are well lit and not blocked by any visual obstacles, don’t reveal your pin number to anyone, keep your doors locked when using a drive through ATM, and always ask a teller for a receipt to keep accurate track of your banking transactions if the ATM ran out of paper. If you still don’t feel comfortable with your ATM transactions, make sure to either do your banking during the day when there is staff on hand or bring a buddy with you if banking at night.

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ATM crimes do happen, but with some consumer safety knowledge they can be avoided. If you are concerned about your ATM banking safety, remember always be on alert before initiating transactions at the ATMs. Check your surroundings, don’t use free standing machines that aren’t associated with a reputable bank (as they may charge higher fees and may be stolen), don’t dress flashy when you go to do your banking and always monitor all your banking transactions.

As long as you are cautious, you can fully embrace ATM machines and the transactions they can conduct because it will make your life way easier..

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