Checking Account Tips: Going Green

Paperless banking saves trees! By opting to pay bills online you will no longer have to write paper checks. A lot of pulp and parts of nature go into the making of each check. When you authorize a bank to pay your debtors electronically, they receive the money promptly and electronically and no trees are harmed in that process.

Additionally, choosing to go completely paperless will help more trees survive  and the payment process less messy and have smoother transactions. Most banks and payees have systems where consumers can access their account online and request “paperless statements.” By selecting that choice, you will then receive emails regarding all your statement information and you will be taking proactive tips to reduce your carbon footprint.

Finally, opting to go paperless can help you to save green by going green. The first level of savings you will benefit from is postage and the cost of having to pay for gas when you drive to the post office. When you opt into paying your debts electronically through your checking account, the bank conducts the transaction for free (as long as it is part of the original terms of your banking statement). If they do not have the electronic information on file for a payee, they will then cut a paper check and mail it out for you.

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Plus, some financial companies are also enticing depositors to go paperless by offering them savings on account fees. Many account holders are actually seeing that they’re saving at least up to $60 by opting to go paperless.

Going paperless with your checking account is a smart move. You will save time, money, and by take proactive measures in reducing not only the amount of trees being cut down but the amount of garbage you would contribute by throwing out the paper bills, statements and invoices.

The infiltration and popularization of online banking is the best thing to have happened to bill payment since the advent of paper checks. Consumers can more easily manage their cash flow by tapping into the power of online banking, setting up a list of all their payees and then establishing set payment schedules – so the money is automatically transferred from their checking account to the electronic payment system of the determined receiver. Not only is online banking an amazing time saver, it is actually better than the old system.

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Checking Account Tips: Going Green
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