Checking Account Tips: How to Find Free Checking

One of the greatest words in the English language is “free.” Who does not enjoy a free treat such as a complimentary ice cream cone on your birthday, or a free sample of sports water when you complete a hike. The whole system of free is so enticing that many financial institutions are heeding the trend and offering free checking accounts to their customers. If you are interested in finding a free checking account, here are a couple of time saving tips to help you on your request.

When on the quest for a free checking account consumers need to be aware that there are different variations and degrees of free. Some free checking accounts truly offer a complimentary service that require no minimum balance in an account and an unlimited amount of check transactions monthly. Other accounts offer free, but with limitations such as a limit of 10 checks a month or no fee checking as long as a minimum balance of $500 (or any denomination) is required. You need to be able to distinguish the difference.

Do not decide on the bank you want to use first, make sure you decide what you want to look for. Searching the web or checking out your local paper are both great ways to find free checking accounts as banks are competing for business and constantly promoting themselves in both forms of the media.

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If you find an offer for free checking that is enticing via any type of advertisement, make sure to read all the details and the fine print. Only by practicing due diligence in researching all the terms of a free checking account will you find out if there are any hidden catches that you need to be aware off. A free checking account that requires you to keep thousands of dollars on deposit while not paying a dime of interest, may only not be free, but can actually cost you a substantial amount of money in lost interest revenue. Remember, if the so call “free checking account” you found charges you, it’s not free.

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Checking Account Tips: How to Find Free Checking
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