Bad Credit? How to Find a Checking Account

Locating a bad credit checking account is a bit of a challenge, but it can be done.

The first step would be going back to the original bank that held your checking account and try to make amends. That requires facing your problem head on, discussing the situation like an adult with the bank representative and paying down any existing outstanding balance you may have with them.

After a period of several months, they may be willing to give you a second shot and open a new transactional account in your name.

Only by making the efforts to clean up your past will the task of locating a checking account regardless of your bad credit history will you even stand a shot of locating a checking account.

Once a checking account is overdrawn and ends up in bad faith, the incident is reported to the Chex System. The system is used by financial institutions to check up on the past behavior by checking account applicants. Reports of your past checking account “sins” will remain in the system for five years, increasing the difficulty of locating a checking account.

There are some national bank branches that have high approval ratings for those seeking a checking account regardless of the bad credit account history market on the Chex System. Etrade Bank, U.S. Bank and Bank of America provide better than average odds for those seeking this a bad credit checking account.

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