Checking Account Tips: The Perks of All in One Bank Account

Mega-store shopping can be an amazing experience both for the thrill of the huge assortment of consumer goods available, but the amount of time that can be saved by not having to go to multiple stores to pick up their weekly supplies. One-stop shopping is always a trend in vogue from gas stations with mini marts, to grocery stores that sell health and beauty products, convenience is a leading factor contributing to the over all American way of life. Financial institutions also realize this trend and are constantly developing how they can become the on-stop resource for the financial needs of their customers.

One such way is by varying their portfolios of both checking and savings account offerings to try to tap into the growing financial needs of their clients. Many times banks offer promotional opportunities to entice new customers to join their ranks. For example, higher then average interest rates or even free money is used as a way to get customers to open savings accounts is one perk out there, while opening up both a checking account and a savings account may provide a customer with complimentary overdraft protection and with no monthly caps.

The reason banks want to improve their offerings to their consumers is not only to get new business, but to make the financial commitment from the depositor over time. Just because you only have a checking account and a small savings account today, does not mean that you are not going to need a mortgage, car loan or additional line of credit tomorrow. Banks know and realize that even in this age of advanced technology, many consumers are going to check with them first to see what kind of additional perks the bank is going to offer them for keeping all their business in house.

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Nowadays, you can find checking accounts that earn high interest, savings accounts combined with the ability to service your insurance needs, and the best money market account that offers bill paying services. Like a stolen car on the black market, the instruments offered in an all in one bank account may actually be more valuable as parts than being sold as a solid unit. When investigating all in one bank accounts, make sure that you are getting the best possible value for the money you have on deposit.

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Checking Account Tips: The Perks of All in One Bank Account
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