Need a Checking Account Bonus?


Currently for a limited time Comerica Bank is having a promotional offer on their checking account called the “Sensible Stimulus Package.” This promotional offer entails a bonus of up to $230 dollars. This is a pretty great deal since not too many banks these days are offering bonuses over $100 dollars. Of course there are always the qualification requirements to be able to qualify for the $230, but if you’re diligent – you can get FREE money.

Here is what you must do to qualify:

  • You must open a personal checking account with Comerica Bank and open a new direct deposit with deposits of $150 or above per statement cycle – earning you up to $50 dollars. (Account has to be open for at least 6 months)
  • You must open a new check card and make at least 8 purchases per statement cycle – earning you to up to $60 dollars. (Has to be open for up to 12 months)
  • You must sign up online and enroll in web bill pay and pay at least 8 bills per statement cycle – earning you up to $60 dollars. (Checking account must be open for 12 months)
  • In addition you can also open either a Savings Account or a Money Market Account with a minimum opening balance of $5K – this will either earn you up to $30 if your initial balance is up to $5 OR earn you up to $60 if your balance is over $10,000. (Has to be open for 12 months for either accounts)
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This may seem a lot to do to earn up to $230 dollars, however, there is always that option of just opening the account and earning $50 dollars. To participate you can sign up online at You only have until September 4, 2009 to register for the Sensible Stimulus offers and the accounts has to be established by August 31, 2009.

What’s the greatest banking bonus you’ve ever gotten?

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Need a Checking Account Bonus?
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