What Is the US Bank Cashier’s Check Fee?

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When you complete certain financial transactions, such as paying the rental deposit on an apartment or purchasing a used car, you may need a cashier’s check. A cashier’s check is a more secure form of payment than other options, such as a personal check. The fee for a US Bank cashier’s check is $10, but that fee is waived for current and former military service members.

Here’s an overview of the information you’ll find in this guide to the U.S. Bank cashier’s check fee:

What Is a Cashier’s Check?

A cashier’s check is a form of payment that is usually purchased at banks and credit unions and written by a bank teller to a third party. A cashier’s check is often used when a personal check won’t suffice or if the amount of payment is large because it’s guaranteed by the bank it’s drawn upon, which makes it a more secure form of payment.

Although a cashier’s check is guaranteed by a bank, the teller will check to see if you have enough funds in your account to cover the check. The bank will then move the funds from your account to its escrow account to cover the check. If you don’t hold an account at the bank, you may be able to pay for the amount of the cashier’s check in cash.

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How To Get a US Bank Cashier’s Check

You can purchase a cashier’s check at any credit union or bank. Many U.S. Bank products are available for ordering online, including personal and business checks, but not cashier’s checks. Instead, you’ll need to visit a U.S. bank location to get a cashier’s check.

When purchasing a cashier’s check, you must have the funds to cover the amount being paid with the cashier’s check available upon purchase. Otherwise, the check cannot be written.

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Here are the four necessary requirements for obtaining a cashier’s check at a financial institution:

  1. A form of personal ID on hand, like a driver’s license or passport
  2. A bank account with sufficient funds
  3. The name of the payee and the exact amount you want the check to be written for
  4. The funds to pay for the cashier’s check fee, which is $10 at US Bank. Here are some purchasing details for cashier’s checks at other banks

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How US Bank’s Cashier’s Check Fees Compare With Other Bank’s Fees

If you’re considering becoming a U.S. Bank customer, you may want to compare its cashier’s check fees with other financial institutions to see if it’s the best option for you.

Here are the cashier’s check fees you’ll find at different banks and options for waiving the fees if applicable.

Financial Institutions’ Cashier’s Check Fees and Options To Waive
Financial Institution Cashier’s Check Fee Options To Waive Fee
U.S. Bank $10 No fee for current or former military service members
Bank of America $15 Preferred Rewards customer
Chase Bank $8 Premier Plus and Sapphire Checking customers
Wells Fargo $10 Preferred Checking Account customers
Capital One $10 No way to waive it
Ally Bank $0 No waiving needed
Citizen’s Bank $10 Circle Gold, Platinum, Platinum Plus, Premier Advisory, and Private Wealth Management account holders
Navy Federal Credit Union Two free cashier’s checks per day; $5 after that Two free checks per day

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How To Avoid Cashier’s Check Scams and Fraud

The Federal Trade Commission has been warning consumers about different types of checking scams for years. You should handle cashier’s checks and money orders with the same scrutiny as any other form of payment. Here are common examples of cashier’s check scams to watch out for, whether you bank at U.S. Bank or elsewhere:

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It’s helpful to know how long it takes your bank or credit union to clear a check, so you can be on the watch for any fraudulent activity.

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Other Ways To Make Payments

Other methods of payment exist — some of which function similarly to a U.S. Bank’s cashier’s check. Here’s what you need to know.

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Is US Bank’s Cashier’s Check Fee Worth It?

The fee for a U.S. Bank cashier’s check — or any cashier’s check — may seem annoying, but purchasing this payment product guarantees payment for your recipient and is a way to distribute money without giving away sensitive information. And sometimes, there’s just no better way to pay than via a cashier’s check — especially if you need to pay a large amount. Plus, if you’re a current or former military service member, you can get a U.S. Bank cashier’s check for free.

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