Where Can I Cash a Cashier’s Check?

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Cashier’s checks can be an ideal option for making or receiving a payment, especially to or from unknown parties. The major difference between cashier’s checks and personal checks is that the funds for a cashier’s check are guaranteed by the financial institution that issues the check. A personal check depends on there being sufficient funds in the payer’s account.

High-dollar transactions typically involve cashier’s checks because the checks are essentially risk-free, and they usually clear faster than personal checks do. But check-cashing procedures for cashier’s checks are slightly different than procedures for personal checks. Avoid unnecessary fees and delays by knowing where to get a cashier’s check and how to cash the check.

Where to Cash a Cashier’s Check

You have a number of options for where to go when you need to cash a cashier’s check. Depending on where you go, you might be able to cash the check for free. Here are the main places you can cash a cashier’s check:

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1. Banks and Credit Unions

You should be able to cash a cashier’s check at the institution that issued the check, even if you’re not a customer. You’ll need to show ID — sometimes two forms — to cash the check, and you might have to pay a fee if you’re not a bank customer. If you have an account with the institution, you should be able to cash it for free. For example, Chase Bank and TD Bank will cash your cashier’s check for free if you are a customer and the check is drawn on the bank.

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2. Check-Cashing Stores

Check-cashing stores often cash any type of check but charge fees. Here are a few stores where you can cash a cashier’s check:

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3. Walmart

Walmart cashes several types of checks, including payroll, government, tax, insurance settlement and cashier’s checks. You can cash a check for any amount up to $5,000. Fees range from $3 to $6, depending on the check amount.

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How Do I Find Check-Cashing Services Near Me?

Navigate to your preferred bank or check-cashing store’s website, and then look for a link to a list of locations or a location-search feature. Walmart, for example, has a Store Finder link at the top of its homepage, where users can enter a city, state or ZIP code to view a list of nearby stores

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How to Deposit a Cashier’s Check

You can deposit a cashier’s check at your bank branch or by using your bank’s mobile deposit app. The app allows you to deposit the check by snapping a picture of it and entering the amount before submitting the deposit request. To make the mobile deposit, endorse the check as you would a normal check, and then follow the app’s photo instructions. You might have immediate access to your money, and you will be able to conduct the transaction without having to leave your home.

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Where to Get a Cashier’s Check

You get a cashier’s check at your bank or credit union. Tell the teller or banker exactly how much you want the check made out for and to whom, and he will verify that you have the funds in your account. Fees vary by bank and account type.

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