Associated Credit Union Review: Regional Branch With a Range of Banking Products

Find out what Associated Credit Union offers its customers.

Associated Credit Union has been serving people in the state of Georgia for almost 90 years. The full-service, National Credit Union Administration-insured financial institution offers its customers a range of banking products, from traditional checking and savings accounts to mortgage loans and auto loans.

If you live or work in Georgia, keep reading to find out more about Associated Credit Union, including its advantages and disadvantages.

Associated Credit Union Review

As a locally focused organization, Associated Credit Union has membership requirements you must fulfill before opening an account. To become a member, you must meet one of the following criteria:

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  • Resident of Georgia or anyone who works in Georgia
  • Employee of select companies or the federal government
  • Member of the U.S. armed forces on active duty, in active reserve status or in retirement
  • Family member of Associated Credit Union employees or existing members

Associated uses the CO-OP ATM network, which means members have access to nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs. It also uses the CO-OP shared branch network, which allows members to walk into nearly 5,000 credit union branch locations.

Associated’s website provides easy access to its multitude of financial tools, including its routing number, forms you might need, retirement and investment services, member rewards and more. With mobile and online banking features, you can also use your Associated Credit Union login to monitor your account on the go.

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Associated Credit Union Products and Services

Associated Credit Union offers customers a range of banking products with competitive interest rates.

Savings Account

Associated has two main savings accounts: the Share savings account and the CU $aveMore. Share savings accounts require a one-time membership fee of $5, but CU $aveMore accounts do not. CU $aveMore accounts, however, require a $10 balance to open an account, whereas a Share savings account needs only $5. The biggest difference between the two is in the interest rate: CU $aveMore accounts can generate 4.00% APY versus Share’s 0.30% APY. There are a couple of caveats: The 4.00% APY applies only to the first $500 in your account, and the CU $aveMore account requires e-statements or direct deposit and an active checking account.

Money Market Account

Associated’s tiered-rate money market account requires a $1,000 balance to open. The interest rate depends on the account balance:

  • $1,000 to $9,999: 0.55% APY
  • $10,000 to $99,999: 0.70% APY
  • $100,000 or more: 0.85% APY

Time Deposit Accounts (TDAs)

Associated’s TDAs operates the same way a CD does: It’s a fixed-term compounding product with an APY. Terms range from six months to five years.

6 months0.75%
9 months0.75%
1 year1.00%
2 years1.25%
2 1/2 years1.35%
3 years1.30%
4 years1.55%
5 years2.25%
Rates accurate as of July 31, 2018. This table does not reflect all available TDAs.

TDAs, like CDs, incur a penalty charge if funds are withdrawn before the maturity date. Terms less than one year will lose 30 days of interest, and terms exceeding one year will lose 90 days.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Associated Credit Union

Here are some of the main advantages and disadvantages that potential customers of Associated Credit Union should consider.


  • 4.00% APY on the CU $aveMore account
  • High APY on five-year TDA
  • CO-OP ATM network adds some flexibility for members


  • CU $aveMore account’s 4.00% APY is only good for the first $500
  • APY for other TDAs is not as high as the CD rates at other banks
  • Limited membership opportunities due to regional focus

Is Associated Credit Union Right for You?

Associated Credit Union will most benefit those who live in Georgia, although membership eligibility extends past that based on specific circumstances. Most of its savings products allow for flexibility based on account balance, although for products such as the money market account, the balance minimum might be too high for such a low yield. The CU $aveMore account might be useful to those who are just starting to build savings, based on the high but conditional APY. The CO-OP network also gives customers some breathing room if they need money outside of Georgia since the ATMs can be found in chain stores like Costco, Walgreens and 7-Eleven.

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