Why You Should Bank With a Credit Union

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Name: Camino Federal Credit Union

Blog: CaminoFCU.org

Entry Category: Credit and Financing

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Speaker 1: Credit Unions and banks offer many of the same products, however there are a few important differences.

Speaker 2: First, most banks are financial institutions in which private owners or shareholders benefit from the bank’s profits.

Speaker 3: On the other hand, Credit Unions are not-for-profit financial institutions.

Speaker 2: Second, Credit Unions are considered cooperatives. Which means they are owned by members and lead by a board of directors.

Speaker 1: In addition, Camino’s CEO Ernesto Flores is responsible for all of our business management. He reports to product directors, which consist of volunteers.

Speaker 3: Most importantly, the majority, if not all, of your financial needs can be met at a Credit Union.

Speaker 1: At Camino, we offer checking and saving accounts, and we tailor our loan products specifically for our member needs.

Speaker 3: We also offer state-of-the art online and mobile banking services that are free to our members.

Speaker 2: To learn more about what we offer, please visit our website at CaminoFCU.org.